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What our customers say:

Christos, South Melb, Mar 2013: "The IQAir Healthpro 250 has worked miracles for my wife, I can't believe the difference it's made even after just two days. In fact, the Healthpro 250 saved our cat which we thought might have to go given my wife's constant allergic reactions to it - but with this IQ unit, that's all in the past. I wish I'd known about it years ago. I highly recommend it.”

Debby, Ormeau Hills,  QLD:

" My husband has emphysemia and with dogs in the house, his breathing was a major problem. Overnight, the Blueair 270E made 100% difference and he is now able to breathe remarkably better - so much so that we have now ordered a second 270E. I also suffer from neuralgia, but find that with the Blueair, I no longer wake up with headaches. We are both much improved and even my hair feels softer."

Linda - Sydney NSW. “My son and I are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers and I have a dust allergy. We live on a busy highway and the IQ Healthpro 250 has visibly reduced the amount of dust in our home and has been particularly effective in eliminating musty smells and quickly clearing paint odours.  Caster wheels make it easy to move to where it is most needed and it is quiet enough for my son to use in his bedroom each night.  The IQ Healthpro 250 was a great investment towards improving our health.” 

Hi, my name is Deanne, and l just thought l would give you some feedback on a product l brought from you guys AIRCLEANERS AUSTRALIA. l purchased the IQ Healthpro 150 as my 19 month old grandaughter has been suffering with respiratory problems for the last 6 months, there wasn't a night that went by where she wasn't awake coughing. Since l've been using the air purifier, she has slept all night and has not woke up once with a cough. I highly reccommend the IQ Healthpro, it was worth every cent. And l would also like to thank the staff at aircleaners aus, they were very helpful, as l was unsure which airpurifier to purchase, everything was explained in detail to me, and very friendly customer service.......Thankyou very much, it is nice to be getting a full night sleep again!! Definitely 5 stars.  


Blueair 1 Micron Test

Particle Removal Efficiency

Blueair's HEPASilent™ filter technology captures 99.97% of particles that are 0.1 micron or larger in size. If you find other manufacturers also claiming such particle removal efficiency - ask to see their independent testing.


Like having 3 filters in 1.

Why do Blueair filters trap six times more dirt than filters in typical air purifiers?

The reason is the filter’s progressive structure. Most filters from other air purifier manufacturers are thinner and usually consist of the same size fiber throughout. Blueair filters have millions of ultra thin fibers in three different sizes. Thus, the name progressive. The first layer captures larger particles like pollen & dust. The second and third capture smaller particles like bacteria and exhaust.

Our filter design resists loading or clogging and continues filtration at peak performance levels longer. When the filter needs to be replaced (every six months), just open the lid, lift out the old filters and drop the new ones in. No screws, hooks or tools and less than one minute of your time is required. Blueair filters require no weekly additives or filter washing.


The efficiency of an air purifier indicates how much of pollutants are removed from the air when the air passes through the system once. Note that efficiency does not show the volume of filtered air. Only in combination with high airflow is high efficiency an essential component in good air purification.


Blueair Testings and results

Camfil Components, Sweden - 2000

In 2000, a test on the HEPASilent™ filtration technology was conducted in Sweden at Camfil Component

AB. The test showed the total efficiency of 99.97% in capturing particles down to 0.1 microns

in size. The test was performed on a Blueair 501 unit placed in a space of 1.2x3 m2. Airflow was 150

m3/h. Elapsed testing time was 120 seconds.

LMS Technologies, Inc. 2010

The high efficiency results from Camfil Component AB has been confirmed by other laboratories

tested elsewhere such as in the U.S in 2010 at LMS Technologies, Inc. This test was performed on a Blueair 650E unit.  



Bacteria, Virus and Mould Removal Efficiency


Bacteria filtration efficiency

Natural reduction of airborne bacteria is shown as reference in the graph. The bacteria level after running the unit for 10 minutes is 99% lower than the natural reduction. After 20 minutes, the level is over 99.9% lower.  

Mould filtration efficiency

Natural reduction of airborne mould spores is shown as reference in the graph below. After running the unit for 10 minutes, the mould level is over 99.9% lower than the natural reduction. The reduction is consistent after 20 minutes.

Virus filtration efficiency

Natural reduction of airborne virus is shown as reference in the graph. The virus level after running the unit for 10 minutes is 99% lower than the natural reduction. After 20 minutes the level has been reduced by more than 99.9%.


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