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Bedroom Sense+ with Wi-Fi

Price: $799.00


New BEDROOM SENSE+ ... Blueair's quietest, lowest energy air purifier plus Wi-Fi connectivity!

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Available in Polar White or Graphite Black. (Please specify colour on Order Form at Special Instructions in Shopping Cart).

This product is currently out of stock, please contact us for more information.

Product Description

Quietly elegant. And now the smartness of Wi-Fi connectivity. Sense+ looks as stunning as it is efficient at cleaning indoor air with its cross-flow technology. 

Quietly powerful. Sense+ offers more than 1 air change every hour for in an average 5 x 4M bedroom. At just a whisper quiet 29 decibels and tiny 7W power usage.

Sense+ c/up top

Quietly efficient. Proven, tested Blueair performance of 0.1 micron particle filtration. That's 3x more than any standard air cleaner. 

Quietly amazing. Its non-touch "swipe" speed control embedded under a tempered glass surface takes ease-of-use to the next level.

BA Friend appOr, use Wi-Fi via your phone with the free Blueair Friend app from your app store. This allows you to automatically control functions, such as the airflow speed, LED light, child lock and night mode on your Sense+ purifier. You can turn the unit on and off remotely using the app, to make sure you always breathe clean indoor air when you arrive home.

Generating pristine clean air and reducing the risk of allergies, asthma and respiratory illness, Blueair’s unique HEPASilent™ technology is proven to remove 99.97% of all ultrafine airborne pollutants as tiny as 0.1 microns from rooms faster than any other competing product. Sense+ achieves this by harnessing a Blueair-unique advanced filter and ion particle-charging process to deliver better results than any competing solution. And it's made in steel and glass construction, not plastic.

The Sense+ filters also include a sheet of activated carbon to assist in the capture of gas and odour molecules.

And with its low 7W energy technology, it's ideal for solar energy users. 

The SENSE+ design has already won widespread critical acclaim in international design awards for its leading-edge technology, avante garde design and impeccable green credentials.

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Product Features


  • Award winning style and elegance
  • Certified cleaning of air to 0.1 micron particle removal
  • Wi-Fi enabled through free FRIEND app
  • Cross-flow air throughput
  • Metal/glass construction insures no plastics off-gassing
  • Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, home studies
  • Whisper quiet from 29 dB(A)
  • Energy efficient - from 7 watts (less than a low-energy light bulb)
  • Revolutionary "hand-swipe" manual operation
  • Compact and easy to move  
  • Filter change indicator
  • Available in polar white only

The SENSE Filters 

Sense features two, easy to change, environmentally friendly, biodegradeable filters. This patented HEPASilent Filter Technology is certified to remove particles as finesense filters as.1 of a micron - three times better than a standard HEPA filter. Each also features a layer of activated carbon to help remove odours, chemicals, gases, VOCs and smoke. Click here for testing and research on Blueairs' higher performance filter systems.


Specs & Downloads

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Sense+ Technical Specifications: CLICK HERE

HOME PACKAGE: Call 03 9459 5241 and ask about our Living Room/Bedroom Sense+ package.

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