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The IQAir Cleanroom Series is IQAir's most effective stand-alone solution for the control of airborne particles, especially infectious microorganisms. The systems have been specifically designed for the removal of solid and liquid airborne particles, in laboratories and controlled environments. Due to their certified filtration efficiency of ≥ 99.97% for particles ≥ 0.003 microns in size and their guaranteed removal efficiency of ≥ 99.5% for even the tiniest viruses and bacteria, the IQAir models are predominantly used for the control of particulate matter in cleanroom-type applications.

There are 3 different IQAir CLEANROOM models download-brochure.jpg

  • CleanRoom 100: removes anti-microbial particles only
  • CleanRoom 250: removes anti-microbial particles plus gaseous/chemical substances
  • CleanRoom H13: longer life, larger filters, removes anti-microbial particles only For airborne infection control specifically in health-care settings, IQ Air's Cleanroom H13 also offers larger surface antimicrobial pre- and HyperHEPA filters, as well as anti-tampering features that prevent the unauthorised access to filters or the accidental disconnection of the system.
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Positive and Negative Pressure Environment

Each IQAir system can clean the air by recirculation, or can be connected to special IQAir ducting adaptors (InFlow W125 and OutFlow W125) to create positive andIQAir air pressure diagram negative pressure environments. Pressure differentials are particularly beneficial when the containment of harmful microorganisms and particles or the protective isolation of immuno-compromised patients is required.

Creating positive pressure areas

IQAir Inflow access'yAn IQAir filter system used in combination with the InFlow W125 will in most cases allow the creation of a positive pressure. This positive pressure helps to reduce contamination in the room by constantly flushing out air pollutants and by preventing outside pollutants from entering the room. The InFlow W125 kit can be easily added to any IQAir room air purifier in a matter of minutes. The only building modification required is a 125mm (5") hole in a window, wall or door which allows you to connect the InFlow W125 fabric duct and draw air into the room. The duct may be freely flexed to allow control over the desired vent location. It is expandable in length, from 250mm (10") in its original compressed state, to 1000mm (39") when fully extended.

Creating negative pressure areas

IQAir Outflow access'yThe OutFlow W125 kit allows filtered air from any IQAir filtration device to be directed through a wall or window vent. The OutFlow W125 kit can be used to: •create clean areas •deliver filtered air into cleanrooms or to the outside •create negative pressure areas Creation of Pressure Differentials: The OutFlow W125 lets you create pressure differentials between different indoor areas. Negative pressure serves to contain pollutants in an isolation area. Positive pressure protects a clean environment from uncontrolled infiltration of airborne contaminants from polluted areas.

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