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The Blueair 205 model is the perfect air purifier for a child's bedroom. Indeed, for any bedroom.

With filtration at an ultrafine 0.1 micron or is 3 times smaller than the HEPA standard, Blueair units guard better against asthma, allergy and chemical triggers that may affect your child.

So quietly air purifier that will not disturb a sleeping baby or child.

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The Blueair 205 offers the following advantages over standard air cleaners:

  • particle of dust, allergens, mould spores, pet dander removed as fine as 0.1 microns - 3x more removal than a standard air cleaner
  • traces of chemicals, gases, odours, smoke, vocs, fumes removed via the activated carbon granules in the "Smokestop" filter
  • wi-fi connectivity - control from your phone
  • whisper quiet operation <30 decibels
  • zero ozone emission
  • all steel construction - no off gassing
  • economical power usage
  • economical filter replacements

So whether you want a preventative air cleaning system to protect your child from airborne chemical exposure because you live near an arterial road or if your child suffers from a respiratory ailment we have proven air filter solutions that can help you improve and protect your childs health.

Soot Particles pose a Risk to the Foetus?

A recent research study from Queen Mary University in London has revealed that tiny soot particles breathed in by pregnant women have been found in the womb, where they might harm a growing baby.

Air pollution is now linked to birth weight, infant mortality and childhood respiratory complaints such as asthma. This study was carried out after births and raises the possibility that such poisonous sooty particles could reach the foetus before birth.

This study again emphasises the benefits of higher performance air purifiers in the home especially where traffic and diesel fumes are present in the outside air. IQAir's Healthpro 250 model is capable of removing not only soot particles as fines as .003 microns but also deadly nitrogen oxides (Nox).

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