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The Blueair 200 series model is the perfect air purifier for a child's bedroom. Indeed, for any bedroom.

With filtration at an ultrafine 0.1 micron or is 3 times smaller than the HEPA standard, Blueair units guard better against asthma, allergy and chemical triggers that may affect your child.

So quietly air purifier that will not disturb a sleeping baby or child.

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Choose from the manual 203 or the auto 270E model. Both feature the following advantages over standard air cleaners:

  • particle of dust, allergens, mould spores, pet dander removed as fine as 0.1 microns - 3x more removal than a standard air cleaner
  • traces of chemicals, gases, odours, smoke, vocs, fumes removed via the activated carbon granules in the "Smokestop" filter
  • whisper quiet operation <30 decibels
  • zero ozone emission
  • all steel construction - no off gassing
  • economical power usage
  • economical filter replacements

So whether you want a preventative air cleaning system to protect your child from airborne chemical exposure because you live near an arterial road or if your child suffers from a respiratory ailment we have proven air filter solutions that can help you improve and protect your childs health.

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