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Synfil Hepa Filter 1 x .5m Sheet for Multiple uses

Price: $45.00

Synfil HEPA quality air filter sheets 1m x .5m

Also can be used with Prefilter Coarse Dust washable 1m x .5m

  • Suitable for air-con returns 
  • Heating vents
  • Air ducts
Product Description

Synfil air filter sheets 1m x .5m feature:

  • particle removal at hepa standard .03 microns
  • low air resistance/impedance
  • suitable for a wide variety of uses
  • priced for frequent and economical replacemenT

Can also be used with TFM200 Grey(1000x500x6mm) Pre Filter - this is a washable pre-filter that can be re-used several times and captures larger heavier dust particles, protecting the Synfil filter and elongating its life. $30 sheet plus postage. Click here to purchase.

Product Features


  • hepa standard particle filtration @ 0.3 micron
  • low air resistance
  • priced for economical and frequent replacements

Washable Pre-filter

  • captures larger coarse dust particle
  • repeated usage
  • protects Synfil material
Specs & Downloads

Hepa particle filtration @ 0.3 micron capture

Washable pre-filter

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