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IQAir GC Series Filter Sets

Price: $1,120.00
Product Description

The GC Series Filter cartridges help control and filter a wide range of odours and chemicals. The filter set includes both the GC PreMax filter and the replacement sleeves along with the new cartridges.

MultiGas (50/50 carbon/permanganate). Cartridge provides for a wide spectrum of air purification needs for odour and gaseous environments. The MultiGas is a combination of the VOC and ChemiSorber cartridge filters.

VOC (100% Carbon). Cartridge chemicals are emitted by a variety of chemicals that can have short and long term effects on our health. Levels of VOCs are generally concentrated in our homes and are emitted by products such as, paints, strippers, building materials, furniture, office equipment, adhesives, cleaning products, disinfectants, cosmetics to name just a few.

Chemisorber (100% permanganate). Cartridge provides air filtration for hundreds chemicals such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide etc.

Ammonia Cartridge is an air cleaning solution to remove ammonia and ammonia compounds.

AcidPro Cartridge for phenols and acids

Click here to review the list of hundreds of chemicals before choosing the IQAir GC Series cartridges best suited to your needs.

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