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IQAir GC NE Series

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Product Description

IQAir GC Multigas NEdownload blueair brochure

The IQAir GC Multigas model is a world favorite for the removal of odours, chemicals, gases, VOCs, fumes and smoke.  Its Multigas (MG) media will remove deadly nitrogen oxides (NOx).  This media is also found in the Healthpro 150/250 models and GCX-MG model. It is particularly effective in the removal of tobacco smoke and salon chemical fumes. The IQAir GC and GCX air purifier series was also developed for the millions of people who suffer from Multi Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and who suffer from a wide range of triggers, illnesses and reactions because indoor air pollution concentration levels are much higher than outdoor levels.

The GC Multi-Gas has consequently also been developed and manufactured to deliberately avoid technologies that could deliver more triggers for MCS sufferers such as ozone or chemicals.

As the GC also includes medical grade filtration, the unit offers the most capable and diverse air cleaning system for just about any situation.

The GC VOC option helps control the volatile organic compounds that are emitted by a variety of chemicals.

Some of these chemicals and short and long term effects on our health. Levels of VOCs are generally concentrated in our homes and are emitted by products such as, paints, strippers, building materials, furniture, office equipment, adhesives, cleaning products, disinfectants, cosmetics to name just a few.

 All of the IQAir products are made from ABS computer grade plastics that do not off-gas into the air.

IQAir individually test each and every GC air purifier and the results of each test are hand-signed and include with each unit upon shipping from the IQAir factory.

The media choice depends on the prevailing chemicals present. Please consult the this Chemicals List to identify any other chemicals present in your operation and note the filter media required.

Depending on your particular air filter needs, you may require a mix of filter media to cover the chemical range. The choice of filter type is as follows:

  • ChemiSorber (permanganate only - thiols, formaldehyde...)
  • Multigas (carbon/permanganate blend - broad spectrum chemical and odour capture)
  • VOC (carbon only - alcohols, etc)
  • AM (for ammonia, amines)
  • AcidPro (for phenols, acids) 

Todd – Sydney NSW: "We started with the Healthpro 250 as we are an asthmatic family living close to roadworks and building sites. It improved our situation immediately. In fact, we were so impressed that I then ordered an IQAir GC Multigas for our office where we had infiltrating passive tobacco smoke. Overnight those smells and chemicals disappeared. So now we have purchased another GC Multigas for our home to run in conjunction with the Healthpro. Greatly impressed – IQAir has improved our healthstyle."

For additional information, please Click here to download the GC series product Brochure.

Click here for Filter Life Calculations

Warranty Information

This air cleaning system is covered by a five (5) year limited warranty (one year if used for commercial purposes). For more information, click here

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