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Professional Air Purifier and Air Cleaner Products

Our range of air purifier and air cleaner products along with our expertise extends to the workplace. Depending on the location, people traffic, proximity to main roads and railways there will be an air purifier solution available from Air Cleaners Australia.

Below you will find our range of professional air purifier and air cleaner products and configurations available online. If you prefer to discuss your particular requirements with one of our experts call us during office hours on 1300 301 951.

Don’t Forget the 100% Equipment Depreciation Advantage.

From 13 May 2015 to 30 June 2016, the small business instant asset write-off threshold has been increased to $20000 per item. This means that any air cleaning equipment you purchase from us can be 100% depreciated and written off on your next tax return. For details, go to http://www.budget.gov.au/2015-16/content/highlights/jobsandsmallbusiness.html

Improving the air quality in your business will improve productivity and output, reduce absenteeism through illness and give you an edge over competitors. Take this bonus opportunity to improve the air quality in your practice or business and the wellbeing of your staff, your patients or your customers.