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Tailpipe Emissions – how deadly?

Independent testing by Transport and Environment, a Brussels based advocacy group, shows that cars are failing to meet emissions rules in real driving situations. The Volkswagen scandal has raised concern amongst regulators that their tests are ineffective and so new testing is being devised involving the Transport and Environment group. In focus are deadly nitrogen oxides (NOx), which include nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide which are associated with asthma attacks, emphysema, bronchitis and other health problems. Other pollutants include tiny soot particles known as ultra-fine particulates which are ingested into the lungs as well as other various greenhouse gases. Despite the recent scandal, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association has proposed an increase in nitrogen oxide emissions by 70% although European policymakers are proposing a 30% increase.

IQAir’s Multigas (MG) filter will remove nitrogen oxides and this filter is found in their Healthpro 150/250 models and their GC-MG and GCX-MG models.

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