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Many people ask why IQAir products in Australia appear more expensive than those they find on USA websites. Exchange rates, sales volume differences, long distance freight costs, port handling, duty and GST must all be considered when importing products into Australia and account for such differences.

Also, the current high exchange rate between the US dollar and Australian dollar does not apply since the currency used by IQ Air is the Swiss franc (CHF). The CHF has remained consistently stronger than the AUD and there are therefore no exchange benefits involved.

IQAir Switzerland provides a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) for all its products in Australia. Air Cleaners Australia prices all of its IQAir products at or below the IQ Air RRP.

We have been resisting any increase in IQAir prices as we do try to keep these at lowest levels. Even at current prices, we are below the recommended price set by IQAir Switzerland. Our prices are also less than most Asian countries.


Units from the USA are 110V/60Hz wired and will not work on Austraila's 240V system. Long term operation with any transformer or "voltage regulator" is not recommended by IQAir and voids any warranty. IQAir reports frequent cases of damage in 110V systems from the USA when used in countries with 220V. IQAir receives messages from users every week who even claim to have used a converter but whose IQAir unit is now damaged. The damage is always the same, the PCB is burnt out and needs replacement. Damage to the motor is unlikely. It is not possible to exchange a 110V PCB for a 220-240V PCB because other electronics and some cables inside the US system are different and can't be operated with 220-240V.

STATEMENT FROM IQAIR, SWITZERLAND: Necessity to buy in the country of use

Please note that we have exclusive distribution partners for the most countries of use. In the interest of electrical safety, to avoid transport damage and to ensure that you get an approved system with full warranty coverage, the right plug-type and correct control panel language settings and the best after-sales service, all IQAir systems which are intended for use in a special country must be purchased from our distribution partner in this country. Neither we nor any other IQAir dealer is able to supply genuine country-conform IQAir systems to you, if you want to use your IQAir in another country. The local IQAir distribution partner will be highly qualified, offers IQAir New Edition models and will be able to assist you with the selection of the ideal IQAir model for your individual needs.

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