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What our customers say:

Christos, South Melb, Mar 2013: "The IQAir Healthpro 250 has worked miracles for my wife, I can't believe the difference it's made even after just two days. In fact, the Healthpro 250 saved our cat which we thought might have to go given my wife's constant allergic reactions to it - but with this IQ unit, that's all in the past. I wish I'd known about it years ago. I highly recommend it.”

Debby, Ormeau Hills,  QLD:

" My husband has emphysemia and with dogs in the house, his breathing was a major problem. Overnight, the Blueair 270E made 100% difference and he is now able to breathe remarkably better - so much so that we have now ordered a second 270E. I also suffer from neuralgia, but find that with the Blueair, I no longer wake up with headaches. We are both much improved and even my hair feels softer."

Linda - Sydney NSW. “My son and I are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers and I have a dust allergy. We live on a busy highway and the IQ Healthpro 250 has visibly reduced the amount of dust in our home and has been particularly effective in eliminating musty smells and quickly clearing paint odours.  Caster wheels make it easy to move to where it is most needed and it is quiet enough for my son to use in his bedroom each night.  The IQ Healthpro 250 was a great investment towards improving our health.” 

Hi, my name is Deanne, and l just thought l would give you some feedback on a product l brought from you guys AIRCLEANERS AUSTRALIA. l purchased the IQ Healthpro 150 as my 19 month old grandaughter has been suffering with respiratory problems for the last 6 months, there wasn't a night that went by where she wasn't awake coughing. Since l've been using the air purifier, she has slept all night and has not woke up once with a cough. I highly reccommend the IQ Healthpro, it was worth every cent. And l would also like to thank the staff at aircleaners aus, they were very helpful, as l was unsure which airpurifier to purchase, everything was explained in detail to me, and very friendly customer service.......Thankyou very much, it is nice to be getting a full night sleep again!! Definitely 5 stars.  


Special Offers



 These items are not available online - call 03 9459 5241 to enquire or order.





Vortex 2500 Negative Ioniser

As new unit. Red LED status light working but flashing ions light not working.

Otherwise unit in perfect working order - 450 trillion/sec negative ions emission not affected.

Comes with 12 months warranty but without 30 days free return option.

Coverage area 75 m2, highly effective, USA made. 

$200 incl gst and delivery. (Normally $259 + delivery).



vm-unit-installed-with-text.jpgIQair VM Inflow W125 - WALL MOUNT (With snorkel extraction pipe.)

$900 incl gst as new ex showroom demo (Normally $1,100 incl gst) 

Clever IQAir accessory for saving floor space and creating negative or positive pressure inside a room.

The W125 Wall Mount cradles all Healthpro, GC and GCX models.

        • allows air cleaning inside a room with the air cleaner on the outside, creating negative pressure inside room.                                                                       
        • Or, brings air in from the outside and vents into an inside area, with positive pressure also resulting.                                                                                  
        • Or, it can be situated at work bench levels to eradicate fumes, dust, etc at their source, reducing general air contamination.

Applications: nail salons, soldering stations, cleanrooms, clinics, smoking areas,  laboratories, hospitals (isolation of immune-compromised patients)


        • Tube (snorkel) length: extendable 30 – 100 cms
        • Weight: 12 kgs
        • Colour: polar white, silver tube
        • Fittings: Wall mount screws, washers, plugs. Facia panel nuts, washers, bolts/wood screws.

NOTE: price does not include delivery, installation or final assembly. Air cleaner unit not included.