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New from IQAir: Sensational ATEM X "COLDFIRE" catalytic air purifier


This unique air filter is called IQAir HyperHEPA ColdFire filter (short HyperHEPA CF) and combines the HyperHEPA HF filter media with a special catalyst media called ColdFire for effective formaldehyde removal. The ColdFire catalyst technology decomposes harmful formaldehyde gas.  Because the formaldehyde catalyst is not consumed in the conversion process, the removal efficiency stays at the same level throughout the filter’s life span. In other words, this filter is self-repairing, its efficiency not affected by ongoing usage.

The effectiveness of the ColdFire catalytic filter in removing formaldehyde was confirmed by the accredited Asian test lab CHEARI. The lab confirmed a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for the Atem X CF model in excess of 200 m3/h for formaldehyde and above 600 m3/h for particulates. The CCM Cumulative Clean Mass test (which evaluates long term performance) and the filter achieved a CCM of above 6000 mg which surpasses the top "F4" performance classification of the government test standard. See Product Features below for an overview of the test results that have been achieved with the Atem X CF model.

So, whilst Coldfire reduces airflow by 20% compared with its particle version, the advantages of the catalytic carbon efficiency cannot be ignored.

Available in two versions - ATEM X Standard @ $2,890 and ATEM X ColdFire with added formaldehyde removal @ $3,190 incl gst. NOTE: Delivery surcharge may apply to non-metro and remote locations. If in doubt and before placing online order, please call 03 9459 5241 .

Go to our "Contact Us" page and ask for a free printed colour brochure. Or, call 03 9459 5241 and arrange a showroom demonstration   


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Product Description


From the world's most advanced air purifier manufacturer, IQAir,  comes the sensational IQAir ATEM X .

Available in two versions - ATEM X Standard @ $2,890 and ATEM X ColdFire with added formaldehyde removal @ $3,190 incl gst.

ATEM X ColdFire offers the added feature of catalytic formaldehyde removal.

The ColdFire (CF) Filter is a catalyst filter. It removes all types of airborne particulates, including allergens, bacteria, viruses, fine dust, diesel soot, ultra-fine particles and particle-bound gases as well as the carcinogenic formaldehyde in indoor environments.

Bush fire, tobacco and smoke in general have a significant Formaldehyde content next to particulate matter. Therefore the CF model is the better choice for smoke as well as VOCs from household furnishings, new flooring, etc.

Whilst Activated carbon is the most versatile and commonly used purifying agent in the worldand found in most air purifiers, Catalytic carbon (CC) is carbon that has had its surface modified by high-temperature gas processing. This treatment significantly increases the carbon’s ability to remove formaldehyde and VOCs without undergoing permanent chemical changes itself.

Catalytic carbon brings new advantages. As well as being more effective for breaking down chemical compounds, CC is able to filter simpler substances more efficiently, allowing filter systems to function with less power and using fewer materials.

Advantages of Catalytic Carbon

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Catalytic carbon is particularly effective at removing formaldehyde and other VOCs, making it superior to traditional activated carbon in dealing with these pollutants.
  • Sustainability: Because catalytic carbon does not undergo permanent changes, it can be used longer and more effectively than regular activated carbon, reducing the need for frequent filter replacements.

Energy Efficiency: Catalytic carbon filtration systems can operate with less power, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Atem X was specifically designed to fulfil a universal demand for an air purifier offering high power, energy efficiency, quiet and smart operation … but also one that compliments and enhances any interior design.

And so the Atem X ColdFire features outstanding performance characteristics in a compact and elegant form. The advanced technical features combined with the revolutionary orbital architecture (BionicCoreTM), enable the Atem X to deliver:

  • more clean air with
  • less noise and
  • less energy consumption

than any other air purifier of its size.

The Atem X ColdFire is therefore suitable even for use in larger indoor spaces, such as open-plan apartments, lofts and open-plan offices of up to 150 m2, as well as in noise-sensitive medium-sized indoor spaces where the maximum reduction of pollution particles, aerosols, allergens and infectious microorganisms of any kind is essential. When operating at Level 3 or 200m3/h, 24 hours a day, it only consumes 0.3 kWh of electricity a day.

The Atem X is one of the quietest, compact high-performance air purifiers on the market and at the same time, it is such a powerhouse in air purification. In its slim, beautiful package, the Atem X ColdFire combines powerful filtration for particles of the smallest size as well as carcinogenic formaldehyde in indoor environments. Its whisper-quiet operation is important for office spaces, as noisy air purifiers can disrupt the work of employees, especially those who may be sensitive to noise.

IQAir’s Atem X ColdFire combines powerful air filtration, quiet sensor-based operation, and Energy Star-rated efficiency. It is a top-choice air purifier for your home or office and it will blend in beautifully with its slim, attractive design. It boasts proven results in removing bacteria, allergens and mould spores, giving you, your family and your employees deserved healthy air to breathe every hour of every day. Atem X is everything it you want in an air purifier...

  • Power, efficiency, beauty and silence - the ATEM X ColdFire sets new standards in air purification.
  • From 100 to 600 cubic metres air flow per hour, suitable for spaces from 20m2 to 150m2 .
  • Ultra modern technology and stunning design


CADRPariculate matter  600 [m3/h]
Formaldehyde  200 [m3/h]
CCMPariculate matter> 38000 [mg]
Formaldehyde> 6000 [mg]
Virus removal rateInfluenza A virus H1N1> 99.99 [%]
Bacteria removal rateStaphylococcus albus  99.99 [%]
Allergen removal rateDog allergens> 98.3 [%]
Cat Allergens> 98.26 [%]

Authoritative third-party testing proves removal rates of:

  • 98.3%, E. coli
  • 99.99%, Aspergillus (common mould)
  • 99.99%, COVID coronavirus 229E
  • 99.99%, Enterovirus 71
  • 99.99%, Pollen allergen
  • > 98.28% Dust mite allergy


ATEM X can be made even more efficient and attractive by easily mounting it  a convenient wall space.

An affordable kit and clear instructions are provided.

The unit can be mounted absolutely flush with the wall or so that it sits in relief.

$415 incl gst (not shipping or installation.)

DUCTING OPTIONS - a fresh approach

The Fresh Air Ducting Adaptor fitted to the air intake of the Atem X (replacing one of the three Air Intake Grilles) allows the user to draw air from outdoors into the room. The air released by the Atem X into the room consists to 1/3 of filtered (oxygen-rich) outdoor air and 2/3 of filtered (recirculated) room air.
The air can also be drawn in from a well-ventilated adjacent room, such as a corridor to ventilate the room and minimise the effect of high/low outdoor temperatures. $695 incl gst (not delivery or installation.)


Specs & Downloads

Note: when consulting specifications, it should be noted that the Coldfire has 20% reduced air outflow compared with the Particle ATEM X version.

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