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Dental Series Filter Sets

Price: $1,300.00


Product Description

The IQAir Dental Series filter replacement set consistes of:

1 x GC Hepa Prefilter

1 x set of 4 cartridges (either 4 x HG or 2 Hg + 2 Chemisorber)

1 x set of 4 cartridge oversleeves

Product Features

Mercury (Hg) and Disinfectants

Regular exposure to mercury vapour from dental amalgam removal and placement and possible toxic effects from prolonged exposure to chemicals like Phenols and Aldehydes (formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde) from disinfectant use are serious consideration for any dental surgery.

Removing Airborne Particle Matter

Prefilter and cartridge oversleeves: Bacteria and viruses are easily spread through a dental practice, from standard procedures such as drilling and scaling. As ultra fine aerosols are generated from normal dental procedures, the resulting moisture droplets containing blood, saliva and filling particles that stay airborne for many hours, presenting a high risk of infectious disease transmission.These can be captured by the IQAir unit prefilter and sleeves.

Removing Airborne Mercury Fumes

To arm the dental industry IQAir developed two options to combat the airborne fumes, gases, toxins during amalgam situations:

1. IQAir Dental Pro – The Dental Pro unit is the more general use solution for dentists wishing to control both general clinic environments with some mercury vapour capture. To achieve this, the Dental Pro incorporates -

  • 2 cartridges with multigas media to control VOCs and chemical odoursIQAir DentalPro badgeIQAir Dental Hg Badge
  • 2 cartridges to control mercury vapour specifically.

The DentalPro is a broad spectrum dental air purifier system to capture the widest range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mercury vapour, gases and chemical odours found in a dental environment. The IQAir Dental Pro aids dental clinics in combating these airborne viruses (including viral hepatitis), bacteria and odours that are quickly and easily spread through the offices from normal procedures such as drilling and oral examinations.

2. IQAir Dental HG – Is specifically designed to deal with mercury vapour generated from drilling and placement of dental amalgams. Hg Label

This unit has four cartridges of Hg media specifically to control mercury vapour only.

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