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OutFlow W125 Accessory

Price: $775.00

This product requires special order, please call 1300 301 951 for more information.

Product Description

download-brochure.jpgThe IQAir OutFlow W125 kit enables IQAir air purifier units to direct purified air into an adjoining room via a wall or window vent.

With its ability to generate positive and negative pressure differentials, the IQAir OutFlow kit affordably enable commercial and medical entities to:

  • Clean areas for manufacturing, packaging or data storage rooms etc.;
  • Deliver highly filtered air into cleanrooms – IQAir Cleanroom H13
  • Infection control areas in hospitals to minimise the spread of airborne micro-organisms

The IQAir OutFlow is also ideal for any business that needs to meet an environmental emission standard by exhausting polluted air through an air filter outdoors.

To avoid back-drafting and particle entry into the clean air zone, while the IQAir unit is not in-use, the IQAir OutFlow kit also contains a damper and mesh grille.

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