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Blue 3610 Replacement Filter


Combination Particle (pm2.5) and Carbon Filter.

Removes airborne particles like pollens, dust, viruses, allergens and more. Also features a layer of activated, natural coconut carbon to reduce odours, gases, fumes and smoke. This is an original Blueair product. Designed to maintain premium performance over time and ensures Blueair warranty stays intact.

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Product Description

This unique filter is designed to work with Blueair's HepaSilent filtration technology and thus are energy saving thanks to their low density.


New research now confirms Blueair filtration A "near zero count of Covid 19 virus particle per litre of air within 1 minute of operation". 

And a further test for nanoparticles showing ">99% reduction of nanoparticles down to 0.03 microns." Covid Virus particle is .08 - .12, so again, easily captured by all Blueair models.


  • Composite Particle + Carbon Sheet. Activated coconut shell carbon.
  • Non-woven gradient polypropelyne fibres.
  • Chemical and binders free.
  • Fibre-shedding resistance.
  • Filter Lifespan: 12 months (4,380 hours) using 12 hours per day.
  • Filter Replacement: Warning light indicates when replacement due
  • Filter Recycling: Plastic based – check local requirements for carbon disposal.
  • When replacing filter, make sure to hold the LED button down for 7 seconds to reset filter light. (See box for fitting instructions.

Specs & Downloads

Article Number: 106235

Filter - flat: 51 x 29 x 7cms; folded to fit 25 x 25 x 29cms

Carton: 52 x 31 x 8cms, weight 1.3 kgs.

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