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IQAir ATEM X ColdFire formaldehyde Filter (set of 3)


This product requires special order, please call 1300 301 951 for more information.

The special filter is called IQAir HyperHEPA ColdFire filter (in short HyperHEPA CF) and combines the HyperHEPA HF filter media with a special catalyst media called ColdFire for effective formaldehyde removal.

The ColdFire catalyst technology removes harmful formaldehyde gas and even better, its removal efficiency does not diminish throughout the filter’s life span.

Research shows formaldehyde is contained in new furnishings, floor treatments, bushfire and tobacco smoke.

The effectiveness of the ColdFire filter in removing formaldehyde was confirmed by the accredited Asian test lab CHEARI. The test confirmed a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for the Atem X ColdFire model in excess of 200 m3/h for formaldehyde and above 600 m3/h for particulates. The CCM Cumulative Clean Mass test (which evaluates long term performance and the filter’s ability to remove formaldehyde)  achieved a CCM of above 6000 mg which surpasses the top "F4" performance classification of the government test standard.


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Product Description


The ColdFire (CF) Filter is a catalyst filter. In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.

It removes all types of airborne particulates, including allergens, bacteria, viruses, fine dust, diesel soot, ultra-fine particles and particle-bound gases as well as carcinogenic formaldehyde in indoor environments.

Bush fire and smoke in general have a significant Formaldehyde content next to particulate matter. Therefore the CF model is the better choice for smoke as well as household furnishings, new flooring, etc.


Specs & Downloads


CADRPariculate matter  600 [m3/h]
Formaldehyde  200 [m3/h]
CCMPariculate matter> 38000 [mg]
Formaldehyde> 6000 [mg]
Virus removal rateInfluenza A virus H1N1> 99.99 [%]
Bacteria removal rateStaphylococcus albus  99.99 [%]
Allergen removal rateDog allergens> 98.3 [%]
Cat Allergens> 98.26 [%]


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