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IQAir PreMax Prefilter F8 (MG)


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Coarse particle as well as gas & odour removal

All in one filter

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Product Description


Shows as "F1" on Healthpro 150 unit display panel

The IQAir PreMax MG (Multi-Gas) Filter is a dual purpose filter which contains:

  • 1.9 square metres of wet laid non-woven glass microfibre, mini-pleated
  • 1kg of granular activated carbon blended with ChemiSorber -  a chemical adsorption media.

The IQAir PreMax MultiGas Filter is usually shipped with the IQAir HealthPro 150, however owners of the HealthPro 100 (previously known as The Allergen) can use the PreMax MultiGas filter instead of the standard PreMax Filter. Doing so however, alters the life span data for the HealthPro 100 units and decreases its coverage area from 95m2 to 65m2.

Shelf Life

Under normal indoor storage conditions the particle filters (i.e., PreMax and HyperHEPA Filters) have a virtually unlimited shelf life.

Under normal indoor storage conditions and if boxes remain unopened, the V5-Cell Gas & Odour Filter will also remain usable for at least 5 years.


The PreMax MG is a dual purpose filter.

  1. It removes particle matter (dust, allergens, pollens, pet dander, etc) via its 1.9 square metres pleated filter.
  2. It also removes chemicals, fumes, gases, toxins, smoke etc via its 1 kg a of molecular media consisting of:
  • 500grams of granular activated carbon* for molecular control of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are responsible for odours such as paint, cooking odours, musty smells, animal odours smoke, fumes etc.
  • 500 grams of pelletized chemical adsorption media called ChemiSorber** that destroys harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde via an oxidation process.


The uniquely-formulated activated carbon used in the MultiGas media provides higher performance for residential and light commercial applications. IQAir's activated carbon is activated for a maximum proportion of micropores.
It is these optimised micropores that allow for maximum removal activity at the gaseous pollutant levels typically encountered in home, office and light commercial environments.
Conventional air cleaners use gas control media based on a purely physical filtration process, such as activated carbon and zeolite.


For control of gaseous contaminants with a low molecular weight, such as formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide, the MultiGas media also contains a chemically active media, called ChemiSorber. This media is made of activated alumina* (Al2O3) impregnated with potassium permanganate (KMnO4).
This non-toxic media first physically binds selected contaminant molecules and then chemically destroys them through an oxidation process. However, no oxygen or ozone is generated, since the process is media based only.
It is this combination of physical adsorption and chemisorption, which is at the basis of the broadspectrum gas and odour control capabilities of the MultiGas media providing optimum adsorption, absorption and oxidation of a wide variety of gaseous contaminants.

Specs & Downloads

Broch symbol

PreMax MG: Combination Prefilter for both dust and gas/odours control

Class: F8MG(S)

Surface area (dust): 1.9m2

Media weight: 1 kg

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