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These items are not available online - call 03 9459 5241 to enquire or order.

2 x Blueair 270ES with Particle only filter. Brand new, never used or sold.

Brand new, >25m2 coverage bedroom/study aircleaner features a remote control, digital display system and air monitoring sensors for instant feedback of air quality, particle detection, air speed, filter life remaining plus timer operation.For dust, pollens, dust mites, allergens, bacteria and viruses removal. No carbon filters.

$629.00 incl gst and delivery. (2 units available).

Phone 1300 310 951 or 03 9459 5241 to enquire/order.


Blueair 400 Series Particle filter. Brand new, unused.

Superficial and slight damage in one corner but will not affect any performance.

100% perfect working condition

Normally $85, selling for $65 incl gst.

Phone 1300 310 951 or 03 9459 5241 to enquire/order.

Blueair 500/600 Smokestop Filters

 Sometimes we need to convert machines from Smokestop models to Particle only models, depending on their intended usage. This means taking out the Smokestop filters and replacing them with Particle, leaving us with Smokestop filter sets which are not factory boxed. These filters are immediately sealed into zip lock bags and sealed into the Particle box with an over stamp marking them as Smokestop.

These filters are brand new, unused and perfectly suitable for use. Marked down from $180.

Cost $170 incl gst. Delivery additional depending on postcode.


Vortex 2500 Negative Ioniser

As new unit. Red LED status light working but flashing ions light not working.

Otherwise unit in perfect working order - 450 trillion/sec negative ions emission not affected.

Comes with 12 months warranty but without 30 days free return option.

Coverage area 75 m2, highly effective, USA made.

$200 incl gst and delivery. (Normally $259 + delivery).

MINIMATE Personal air purifiers (2)

Two showroom demo units in good working order with new batteries.

3 months warranty only on each.

Offered at half price @ $80 ea incl gst. Postage additional.


IQair VM Inflow W125 - WALL MOUNT (With snorkel extraction pipe.)

$900 incl gst as new ex showroom demo (Normally $1,100 incl gst)

Clever IQAir accessory for saving floor space and creating negative or positive pressure inside a room.

The W125 Wall Mount is suitable for all Healthpro, GC and GCX models.

  • allows air cleaning inside a room with the air cleaner on the outside, creating negative pressure inside room.
  • Or, brings air in from the outside and vents into an inside area, with positive pressure also resulting.
  • Or, it can be situated at work bench levels to eradicate fumes, dust, etc at their source, reducing general air contamination.

Applications: nail salons, soldering stations, cleanrooms, clinics, smoking areas, laboratories, hospitals


  • Tube (snorkel) length: extendable 30 – 100 cms
  • Weight: 12 kgs
  • Colour: polar white, silver tube
  • Fittings: Wall mount screws, washers, plugs. Facia panel nuts, washers, bolts/wood screws.

NOTE: price does not include delivery, installation or final assembly. Air cleaner unit not included.