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GC Series Post Cartridge Sleeves

Price: $210.00

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Product Description

4 Fibre sleeves wich fit over each cartridge

Electrostatically charges for highest particle attraction

Efficiency: 85% @ 0.3 microns

Product Features


The reason H12/13 HyperHEPA (as used in Healthpro models) filters can claim an efficiency of  99.5% for particles down
to 0.003 microns is because these have been type-tested according to European Norm EN
1822 which showed that they have an MPPS-efficiency of 99.5%.

This EN 1822 test was not done for the H11 filter of the GC, Dental and GCX models,
mainly because these models are primarily being used for the control of gaseous substances
and odours. Also the H11 main purpose is not to enable the highest possible filtration
efficiency for particulates, but instead its main purpose is to protect the subsequent gas phase
media from pre-mature clogging.

But the H11 filter's efficiency does not stop at 0.3 micron sized particles. It is estimated that the H11 filter's
would have absolute minimum efficiency of around 95% for particulates, irrespective of
particle size. However, please also keep in mind that the post filter sleeves also
capture particles and would therefore make the overall efficiency even greater.

Overall, the most important thing is almost 100% percent particle filtration efficiency from
every IQAir air purifier for particles  0.3 μm. This particle size range therefore includes
most of the particulate pollutant types which are of most concern to users such as allergy and
asthma sufferers (i.e., soot, pollen, dust mite allergens, smoke particles, fine dust, bacteria).

IQAir can remove such small particles even at the very highest fan speed with such high
efficiency and that this efficiency level does not reduce with use. Other manufacturers often
claim very high efficiencies (e.g. 99.99% @ 0.1 micron), but can only achieve this at the
lowest fan speed and only for a short while, as they use technologies which become less
efficient with use.

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