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InFlow W125 Accessory

Price: $825.00

This product requires special order, please call 1300 301 951 for more information.

Product Description

The IQAir InFlow W125 is a ducted system, enabling IQAir air purifier units to draw air from a different environment to create a positive pressure area and improve indoor air

 Positive pressure environments have many applications such as:

  • Protecting allergy sufferers from pollen exposure;
  • Creating a clean air zone in a house or office which goes towards preventing external pollution from traffic, factories, manufacturing, nature entering the environment;
  • Protecting hospital patients from microbiological exposure;
  • Safeguarding plant control rooms from corrosive and destructive contaminants;
  • Controlled air quality environments, clean research and manufacturing areas.

With the InFlow attachment connected the unit constantly expels air pollutants by diluting polluted air with clean air. The resulting positive pressure helps to reduce contamination and increases air volume of oxygen-rich outdoor air into a room.

The InFlow W125 kit can be easily added to any IQAir room air purifier in a matter of minutes. The only building modification required is a 125mm (5") hole in a window, wall or door which allows you to connect the InFlow W125 fabric duct and draw air into the room.

The duct may be freely flexed to allow control over the desired vent location. It is expandable in length, from 250mm (10") in its original compressed state, to 1000mm (39") when fully extended.

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