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IQAir ATEM DESK - Small Room Purifier


The ATEM Air - ideal smaller unit for:

  • office workers
  • health conscious individuals
  • travellers staying in hotels in cities with poor air quality
  • professionals in home or open-plan offices
  • bedrooms to14m2
  • allergy sufferers and sensitive individuals
  • conversion kit available for in-car usage as well

Available in white only. The ATEM Air: $875 incl gst 

Add the Atem Conversion Kit so you can also use it in your vehicle $179 incl gst. Click here to purchase.  Currently out of stock until 2024.

Add the USB Power Cord - plug directly into computer/laptop, power pack, etc $50 incl gst. Click here to purchase.

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Product Description


The IQAir Atem Desk is a revolutionary air purifier designed to provide you with purest of pure air. 

The IQAir Atem Desk is ideal for:

  • office workers
  • small bedrooms (up to 14m2 max)
  • allergy sufferers and sensitive individuals
  • health conscious individuals
  • travellers staying in hotels in cities with poor air quality
  • professionals in home or open-plan offices

Pure air wherever you need it

The IQAir Atem is a beautiful, highly effective and technically advanced air cleaning system that covers a very important need that even the most powerful room air purifier cannot satisfy…. IQAir Atem empowers individuals all around the world to breathe clean air even in polluted indoor spaces where they don't have control over the ambient air quality. The compact size and light weight also make the Atem an ideal travel companion wherever life may take you. 

Just how good is it?

The IQAir Atem Desk gives you unprecedented control of the 25,000 breaths you take daily. While most air filters claim to filter only particles down to 0.3 microns, IQAir technology removes up to 99% of particles. When it comes to protection against the tiniest particles, IQAir is the proven choice.These tiniest of particles are also the most dangerous to health because they are so small that they can move through your lung tissue, into your bloodstream and then deposit in any organ, including your brain.

Look at these performance features:

  • removes up to 99% of particles through IQAir’s proprietary HyperHEPA® filtration
  • sophisticated yet simple to use and puts you in total control - a simple touch on the logo turns the Atem on and allows you to adjust the flow of clean air.
  • can also be controlled with the IQAir Atem smartphone app. - this intuitive app allows fine-tuning of fan speed, light and sound.
  •  the Atem App provides sophisticated filter life monitoring, notifying the user when it is time to change the filter based on actual usage.
  • the extent of the blue light beneath the diffuser tells you the current fan speed.
  • a Bluetooth proximity sensor can also automatically switch the Atem off when you leave the room and back on when you return to your desk.
  • 2 years full warranty

ATEM is winning Awards

  • Best Office Purifier by GQ Magazine (China Edition)
  • Product of the Year by IT168 China's leading IT Platform

Simply great for the Office, Bedroom... 

Atem officeAtem bedroomArem Desk to Car Conversion KitWith the workplace always crammed with people and with windows closed all year round, any organic matter in the air will encourage bacteria and mites to breed in the office air-con system. And the dust that accumulates on office furniture can easily cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.The Atem is the world's first air purifier that can stream the purest possible air directly into a personal breathing zone. In just a few seconds, the Atem will deliver a gentle breeze as fresh as mountain air to you. Moreover, IQAir's proprietary HyperHEPA® filter can effectively capture both fine and ultrafine particles, such as pollens, giving you a safer work zone.

Swap Atem Desk into your vehicle with the Car Conversion Kit... (Currently out of stock until 2024.)

The IQAir Atem Car Accessory kit allows you to transform your IQAir Atem Desk into an Atem Car air purifier, quickly and easily. Simply install the mount, connect the power cord and attach your Atem Desk to wherever you would like in your car (headrest is ideal). Take your Atem Desk with you when you travel and stay protected from car pollution.

Conversion Kit  $179 incl gst. Currently out of stock until 2024.

app pics


Technical Features

The HyperHEPA Filter

The Atem features a high-efficiency HyperHEPA filter with an ID-chip. The C-shaped filter was specifically designed to remove pollutants such as PM2.5, ultra fine particles, allergens, diesel soot, mould spores and pollen with a minimum efficiency of 99% at 0.3 µm. 

 The Filter ID-Chip

The filter’s integrated ID-chip allows the Atem to monitor the life span of the filter. As with IQAir room air purifiers, there are no fixed filter replacement intervals dictated by the Atem. Instead the system keeps track of the actual usage (operation time and fan speed) to compute the remaining lifespan to maximise filter life. Once the calculated filter life reaches the last 5%, the user is alerted via the app and by a visual and audible signal emitted by the Atem. Upon insertion of the new HyperHEPA filter the Atem recognises it and automatically resets the filter life monitor.

 The PureJet™ Diffuser 

For its small size, the Atem generates a powerful airflow. The PureJet Diffuser was specifically designed to project the airflow gently to create a clean air bubble in front of the system — the breathing zone. Positioned on a tabletop, the Atem can blanket the user in pure air. The direction of the airflow can be adjusted freely by tilting the Atem up and down.

 Airflow Adjustment

The fan speed can be selected directly on the unit by gently tapping the Atem logo on the side where an invisible touch point is located or via the smartphone app. The Atem offers 3 fan speed settings, each of which can also be individually adjusted with the Atem app. 

 Airflow Indicator LED

An elegant blue LED light strip beneath the PureJet diffuser provides feedback of the selected airflow setting. Standby mode is indicated by a warm red glow. In addition to the visual feedback, each fan speed adjustment is accompanied by a gentle click or chime. Both brightness of the LED and the sound level can be freely adjusted with the Atem app.

 The Atem App

The Atem can also be controlled via the Atem App (free download: Apple iOS and Android). The app allows the user to access several advanced features (see attached screenshots), including:

  •  smart filter life monitor 
  • fan speed customisation
  • LED light and sound customisation
  • Bluetooth proximity sensor for smart on/off control


The Atem Desk has a very distinctive and elegant shape and is available only in white. Due to its compact size and light weight (2.8 kg including the metal stand) the Atem is ideal to take along to the office and easily fits in your carry-on bag when you fly. 

Specs & Downloads

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Please note: Atem Carry Case has been discontinued.

Click Here for User Manual

Click Here for Quick Start User Guide

Australian Certifications:

  • - SDoC (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity) from the Australian Communications and Media Authoritym (ACMA) for the ATEM Air Purifier
  • - Letter of Authority for the RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) for the ATEM Power Adaptor
  • - TÜV Certificate for Tested Safety (GS-Mark) for the ATEM Power Adapter
  • - TÜV Certificate of Conformity Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU for the ATEM Power Adapter
  • - IEC CB Test Certificate 

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