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Blueair 400 Series Particle Filter


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Product Description

The Particle Progressive three-stage filter: Blueair's Patented HEPASilent design

With a progressive three-stage structure, Blueair particle filters capture six times more dirt than other air purifier filters. Blueair filter design resists loading or clogging and continues filtration at peak performance levels longer.

Most filters from other air purifier manufacturers are thinner and usually consist of the same size fibre throughout. Blueair filters have millions of ultra-thin fibres in three different sizes, thus the name progressive. The first layer captures larger particles, such as pollen and dust. The second and third layers capture smaller particles, including bacteria, viruses and cigarette smoke debris.A revolutionary combination of advanced filter media coupled with a negative ion particle charging system makes it possible for the Blueair air purification system to achieve better results than either mechanical or electrostatic technology alone. All Blueair models feature this unique HEPASilentTM filtration technology, which removes airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of 99.97% or 3 times better than standard Hepa Filters (0.3 micron).

Blueair’s nontoxic polypropylene filter contains millions of ultra-thin fibres that trap tiny particles as they pass through the pleats. One of the least harmful plastics for human health and the environment, polypropylene works without outgassing or shedding irritating microscopic fibres into the air. It eliminates bacteria, viruses and mould spores naturally, without chemical additives and also captures more dirt than competitive systems. No ozone is produced - in fact, a Blueair will reduce a room's ozone levels.

Choose between the standard Blueair Particle Filters to remove dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, mould spores and other airborne particles or Blueair SmokeStop Filters, which are specially designed to remove odours, road fumes, smoke, offgassing, chemical residues, VOCs etc.

Used filters can be placed in regular rubbish disposal and will decompose, converting into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Regularly replacing the Blueair filters according to manufacturer recommendations is critical to ensuring that Blueair air purifying systems keep performing as they should.

Easy to replace: when the filter needs to be replaced (typically every 6 months if operating 24/7, 12 months operating 12/7), simply open the unit, lift out the old filters and slide in the new ones. No screws, hooks or tools and less than one minute is required. Blueair filters require no weekly additives or filter washing.

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