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Blueair 680i Air Purifier - in stock


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NEW! Research now confirms Blueair filtration A "near zero count of Covid 19 virus particle per litre of air within 1 minute of operation". And a further test for nanoparticles showing ">99% reduction of nanoparticles down to 0.03 microns." Covid Virus particle is .08 - .12, so again, easily captured by all Blueair models. See test results here. and here.

The very powerful BA680i featuring improved coverage area, stronger air flows and wi-fi connectivity – control it from anywhere in the world. It even has an air quality monitor which gives you current PM2.5 particle levels, VOC contaminants levels, humidity and temperature. Plus a 24/7 timer so you can set and forget when you want it to operate.

Reduced to $1,199 incl gst. Delivery by quote, please call 03 9459 5241 .

See New Classic Brochure - click here.

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Product Description

The BA680i one of the largest clean air delivery rates of any room air purifier system at up to 850m3/h covering >72m2 area. Combining design elegance with wifi connectivity, this attractive model enhances any domestic or commercial environment. In sturdy pressed metal with minimal plastic fittings, the BA680i comes on casters for easy moving room to room.

BA680i air quality monitor

Our Blueair Aware air quality monitor via wi-fi is integrated into the new Blueair Classic 680i with Smokestop filter. At a glance, you can see the air quality in your room which gives you current PM2.5 particle levels, VOC contaminants levels, humidity and temperature. Connect it to the Blueair Friend app to track changes in – and get tips to improve – your indoor air quality, learn how air quality varies depending on your various activities, control your air purifier from afar using any smart device, and access outdoor air quality data.Blueair Friend Phone

The digital display system gives instant feedback of air quality, particle detection and air speed. It is among the most energy efficient and quietest operating air purifiers in its class, with a room capacity of >72 square metres making it ideal for larger homes/apartments, offices and workspaces where high quality air filtration is needed to remove airborne allergens and odours.

The BA680i features a patented two level filter:

  •  Blueair's laboratory tested HEPASilent™ technology captures 99.97% of the tiniest 0.1 micron particles, including allergy-provoking pollen grains, dust mites, mold spores and pet dander particles.
  • Highest quality adsorbent carbon granules for removal of gaseous pollutants such as odours, wood/tobacco smoke, traffic fumes or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds from household paints, other chemicals). Also mycotoxins from mould growths.

The Blueair 680i air purifier’s design allows for it to be conveniently placed flush against walls. Every Blueair unit cleans air faster, and quieter than other air purifiers and emit zero ozone.

Better air quality control

680i Control PanelYour new Blueair Classic 680i is your air quality watchdog. An updated digital control panel and convenient LED touch buttons help you keep track of your air purifier’s operation, Wi-Fi connection and filter status as well as room air quality with indications of PM2.5 and VOC levels.

Download the free Blueair FriendTM app and connect it to the new Blueair Classic to control functions such as operating speed, child lock, night mode and more from afar using any smart device.

Can I disable the Wi-Fi function?

To turn off the Wi-Fi function, press the Wi-Fi and filter buttons simultaneously for more than three seconds.

To turn on the Wi-Fi function again, press only the Wi-Fi button for more than three seconds. 


Product Features

    • Patented HEPASilentTM filter technology combines the best of electronic and mechanical filtration to capture 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron - see proof via independent testing click here
    • Highest quality adsorbent carbon granules for removal of gaseous pollutants
    •  Air quality monitor for PM2.5 particle levels, VOC contaminants levels, humidity and temperature.
    • Easy to use wi-fi connectivity from your phone
    • Auto sensors which constantly measure air quality and automatically adjust the speed to cope with either the dust or chemical contaminants
    • Display gives the user instant feeback of particle detection, air purifier speed.
    •  24/7 timer so you can set and forget when you want it to operate (from wi-fi night mode).
    • Negative Ioniser via new technology brushes (no ozone generated)
    • 3 speed settings plus auto mode
    • Portable - built in hand grips and weighs just 14 kg
    • Energy efficient - 15 to 90W/h
    • Very quiet from 32 dB(A)
    • Air exchanges - 5 per hour (37 m2 room)
    • Compact - 590 x 500 x 275 mm
    • Galvanised light steel construction
    • Off white colour
    • 5 year warranty offered upon registration

Blueair's Filter Technology:


Specs & Downloads

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Download BA680i Technical Specs Click Here

Download Filter Specs (particle) Click Here

Download Filter Specs (smokestop) Click Here

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