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IQAir CleanZone 5000


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The CleanZone 5000 series are a large space, powerful mobile air cleaning system which offers high-volume, high-efficiency performance at minimal noise levels.

  • >2400m3/h air processing
  • >200m2 coverage
  • >4 air changes/h

The modular design of the CleanZone 5000 allows the system to be optimised for a wide variety of requirements in medical, public, industrial and corporate settings.

With it's flexible ducting capabilities, the CZ5000 series air purifier has many of the advantages of an HVAC system, delivering mobile medical-grade air quality wherever a positive or negative filtered air pressurisation environment is required.

Particle and molecular reduction is un-parralleled and tests of the CleanZon demonstrated a one hundred fold air quality improvement in just 20 minutes in an open environment.

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Product Description


The CleanZone 5000 series comes in two different models

  • CZ5100 for powerful particle removalIQ Cleanzone 2 models
  • CZ5200 for advanced gas, fumes, chemicals, odours and smoke control.

The CZ Series are a two module system. In the lower module, both models feature the same quiet yet powerful fan and the same high efficiency prefilter. The upper module can be configured to allow for specific requirements  - either particle based or chemicals based. Either system can be configured for upflow or downflow, depending on the requirement. And several ducting options are possible to direct airflows to suit the situation.

The units are provided with tamper proof locks to limit access to the digital controls, filters and power.

CLEANZONE 5100 - particle removal

iq CZ 5100This system combines

  • 1 x Class9/Merv16 prefilter with 15 m2 filter media. 85% particle removal @ .003 microns.
  • 1 x Class H12/13 Hepa Drum filter with 28 m2 filter media. 99.5% particle removal @ .003 microns.

This is the most advanced air filtration technology in the world, proven and certified for ultrafine particle capture such as dust, powders, pollens, mould spores, bacteria and viruses.

It removes all particles as fine as .003 microns - 100x smaller than ordinary air purifiers.

This is crucial given that research now proves that 90% of all ingestible particles are smaller than 0.1 microns.

CLEANZONE 5200 - chemical, gases odours

This system combines:

  • 1 x Class9/Merv16 prefilter with 15 m2 filter media. 85% particle removal @ .003 microns.CZ 5200 and granules
  • 12 x GCXL cartridges containing gas/odour media > 46kgs, depending on type chosen
  • 12 x cartridge oversleeves Class 11, total 4.3 m2 area

Only highest quality bituminous coal carbon is used as the base media, no zeolite is included.

This superior carbon is the blended with other chemisorbers to target specific volatile compounds, including formaldehyde.

These blends can be selected by cartridge according to contaminant type. Available are 6 options:

  • Multigas 31kgs - (standard) broad spectrum organic and inorganic compounds
  • VOC 24kgs - Volatile organic compounds (e.g. benzene, toluene, xylene), chlorine, nitrogen dioxide etc.
  • Chemisorber 42kgs - Formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide etc
  • Ammonia 28kgs - Ammonia and other base substances
  • AcidPro 28kgs - hydrogen sulfides, sulfur dioxides, chlorine, sufuric acids, etc
  • Hg 30kgs - Mercury & amalgum vapours


Air Outlet Diffuser

  • maximum distance from air intake ensures high air cleaning effectiveness
  • optional connection to air ducts for creation of positive an negative pressure

Air Intake

  • maximum distance from air outlet for the best air circulation
  • optional connection to air ducts for creation of positive- and negative pressure.

Main Filter Module

  • can be individually configured for specific pollutants
  • three models are available for particulate and gaseous chemical control: 5100, 5200 (see brochure)

Digital Control Panel

  • 10 fan speed settings
  • programmable daily/weekly timer
  • remote control
  • intelligent filter life monitor
  • key-lock function
  • programmable pollution index

High-Performance Fan

  • state of the art EC-technology
  • high airflow rate
  • high energy efficiency
  • ultra quiet operation high-performance EC-fan

Handle Bar  - for easier moving

Heavy Duty Casters -for easy relocation and quick emergency deployment





  • • most powerful air cleaning system of its class
  • • gas-phase filtration of over 2000 contaminants
  • • improves air quality by up to 99%
  • • choice of gas phase media for optimised removal of gaseous chemicals and odours
  • • 12 air changes per hour (ACH) in rooms up to 80m2
  • • ultra quiet operation
  • • safety approved in accordance with hospital norms
  • • suitable for FDA-required controlled environments
  • • engineered for airborne infection control and compliance with OSHA and CDC guidelines


Medical & HeathcareTrade & IndustryPublic & Institutional
  • Medical practices/clinics/hospitals
  • Microbiological- & research labs
  • Intensive care units (ICU & NICU)
  • IVF-Labs
  • Organ transplant & oncology wards
  • TB wards (containment isolation)
  • Post-operative recovery rooms
  • Dialysis centres
  • Emergency & field medical care units
  • Bars/restaurants/hotels/casinos
  • Offices/open-plan offices
  • Fitness studios & wellness centres
  • Smoking rooms/cigar lounges
  • Art restoration & conservation
  • Data centres/network server rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Print & work shops
  • Nail & beauty salons

  • Nursing homes
  • Archives/libraries
  • Airports
  • Cafeterias
  • Kindergartens & preschools
  • Places of Worship
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Military

Specs & Downloads

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