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IQAir V5-Cell MultiGas


Carnon gas and odour filter for IQAir HealthPro 250 model.

Shows as "F2" on unit's display panel

Please note: online order will automatically be supplied as V5-Cell MultiGas (MG).

For other V5-Cell versions, please call 1300 301 951 to order and specify version required.

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Product Description

The IQAir V5-Cell filter for the HealthPro 250 ne air purifier unit is a patented IQAir technology.


The uniquely-formulated activated carbon used in the MultiGas media provides higher performance for residential and light commercial applications. IQAir's activated carbon is activated for a maximum proportion of micropores.
It is these optimised micropores that allow for maximum removal activity at the gaseous pollutant levels typically encountered in home, office and light commercial environments.
Conventional air cleaners use gas control media based on a purely physical filtration process, such as activated carbon and zeolite.


For control of gaseous contaminants with a low molecular weight, such as formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide, the MultiGas media also contains a chemically active media, called ChemiSorber. This media is made of activated alumina* (Al2O3) impregnated with potassium permanganate (KMnO4).
This non-toxic media first physically binds selected contaminant molecules and then chemically destroys them through an oxidation process. However, no oxygen or ozone is generated, since the process is media based only.
It is this combination of physical adsorption and chemisorption, which is at the basis of the broadspectrum gas and odour control capabilities of the MultiGas media providing optimum adsorption, absorption and oxidation of a wide variety of gaseous contaminants.



Broad spectrum gas & odour filter (1A-4/AC-4)


The V5-Cell filter provides the best system for gas and odour elimination. The V5-Cell is available in several media formats, all same cost:

  • MultiGas: 2.5Kgs in fact split evenly 50%  activated carbon and 50% permanganate pellets. For VOC's, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, etc
  • VOC: 2.3Kgs of 100% activated carbon. For hydrogen chloride, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine, VOC's.
  • ChemiSorber: 100% permanganate. For aldehydes, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide.
  • Hg: 100% specially impregnated activated carbon. For mercury/amalgam vapours.

Shelf Life

Under normal indoor storage conditions the particle filters (i.e., PreMax- and HyperHEPA-Filters) have a virtually unlimited shelf life.

Under normal indoor storage conditions and if boxes remain unopened, the V5-Cell Gas & Odour Filter will also remain usable for at least 5 years.

Specs & Downloads

Dimensions: 330 x 330 x 100mm


 IQAir take great care in the selection of all raw and packaging materials to ensure health and safety compliance, proper functionality and environmental sustainability. 

 With regard to the V5-Cell cardboard, the corrugated board formats used as housing material for the V5-Cell filter do not contain any additives based on silicone, latex, Teflon, formaldehyde, halogens/heavy metals or elemental sulfur or sulfur compounds. Mould release agents based on the aforementioned substances, oils and/or fats are not used. Outside the limits of existing regulations and guidelines of national and international nature, such substances are not released if used properly.

 The corrugated cardboard therefore complies with the EC Directive 94/62 regarding heavy metal content in packaging.

Pesticides or other prohibited substances are not used nor added during the production process. 

The pH value of the used paper is neutral.

All packaging materials used do not contain environmentally sensitive substances.

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