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Perfect 16 Filter Set - ID-2530


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Part#: 201 11 30 03

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Product Description

Replacement filters for Perfect 16 Model ID-2530


The Perfect 16 is the only system that is rated a perfect MERV 16, the highest filtration efficiency for removing dust, dust mites, pollens, bacteria, pet allergens, mould spores, odours and other harmful contaminants.

No other ducted air cleaning system can offer particle removal of more than 95% for .3 micron (HEPA) and more than 75% for .003 microns (100 x better than HEPA.)

This is genuine medical grade indoor air quality.


The Perfect 16’s extra large filter surface area is so efficient and long lasting that you won’t
need service or replacements for up to three full years.*

*At average pollution levels, your filters will last approximately 3 years based on 50% HVAC usage.

• Ultra efficient: MERV16 certified (ASHRAE 52.2)
• Low air resistance: ≤0.22 “ w.c. (≤54 Pa) at rated airflow
• Long filter life: 3 years in average home use
• Quick and easy filter replacement: No tools needed
• Easy installation: Requires no electrical connections
• Rugged steel cabinet: Supports weight of furnace
• Medical grade finish: Powder coated galvanized steel
• Fully insulated for installation in unconditioned environments
• Swiss made quality

Specs & Downloads


ID2225 – 605 x 435 x 43mm

ID2530 – 710 x 435 x 43mm

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