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New from IQAir: Sensational ATEM X Large Room air purifier


From the world's most advanced air purifier manufacturer, IQAir,  comes the sensational IQAir ATEM X.

The Atem X was specifically designed to fulfil the demand for an air purifier, that is exceedingly powerful, yet energy efficient, quiet, smart… and that blends in seamlessly into almost any interior design. The Atem X features outstanding performance characteristics in a compact and elegant form. The advanced technical features combined with the revolutionary orbital architecture (BionicCoreTM), enable the Atem X to deliver

  • more clean air with
  • less noise and
  • less energy consumption

than any other air purifier of its size. The Atem X is therefore suitable even for use in larger indoor spaces, such as open-plan apartments, lofts and open-plan offices of up to 150 m2, as well as in noise-sensitive medium-sized indoor spaces where the maximum reduction of pollution particles, aerosols, allergens and infectious microorganisms of any kind is essential.

Atem X is a very powerful air purifier from IQAir that offers quiet performance and a stunning Swiss design. As with all IQAir air quality products, the Atem X is manufactured and produced in-house at their state-of-the-art facilities in both Switzerland and Germany, where some of the best technology in the world is manufactured. Needless to say, the Atem X’s attention to detail is second to none.

The Atem X is one of the quietest, compact high-performance air purifiers on the market and at the same time, it is such a powerhouse in air purification. In its slim, beautiful package, the Atem X combines powerful filtration for particles of the smallest size. . Its whisper-quiet operation is important for office spaces, as noisy air purifiers can disrupt the work of employees, especially those who may be sensitive to noise.

IQAir’s Atem X combines powerful air filtration, quiet sensor-based operation, and Energy Star-rated efficiency. It is a top-choice air purifier for your home or office and it will blend in beautifully with its slim, attractive design. It boasts proven results in removing bacteria, allergens and mould spores, giving you, your family and your employees deserved healthy air to breathe every hour of every day. Atem X is everything it you want in an air purifier...

  • Power, efficiency, beauty and silence - the ATEM X sets new standards in air purification.
  • From 100 to 750 cubic metres air flow per hour, suitable for spaces from 20m2 to >150m2 .
  • Ultra modern technology and stunning design

Available in two versions - ATEM X Standard @ $2,890 and ATEM X ColdFire with added formaldehyde removal @ $3,190 incl gst. NOTE: Delivery surcharge may apply to non-metro and remote locations. If in doubt and before placing online order, please call 03 9459 5241 .

Go to our "Contact Us" page and ask for a free printed colour brochure. Or, call 03 9459 5241 and arrange a showroom demonstration.

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Product Description



Up to 150m2 coverage

No matter if it's an open space living area, a one-room office or a bedroom, Atem X suits. With 8 fan speeds, Atem X is suitable for large and small spaces alike. For smaller spaces, Atem X can run on lower fan speeds. In bedrooms and individual offices up to 30 sq. mts, two air cleaning cycles per hour are achieved at the whisper-quiet operation of only 32 dB(A). Overall, it boasts a capacity of more than 150m2 with a masssive 750 cubic metres per hour air processing!

Greater Penetration: Flexible Air Rotation (FAR) technology allows Atem X to deliver clean air further into the room and increases room circulation and air cleaning. For even the largest rooms, you can combine multiple Atem X air purifiers to a Constellation to create optimal air distribution.

Slim, space saving design

Most air purifiers have a hard time blending in well with the space they reside in. However, the Atem X features an attractive, slim and space-saving design that will elevate any home or office, while only requiring the floor space of two sheets of paper. This means that you can find a suitable spot for the Atem X in any space big or small.

The Atem X’s slim design does not compromise functionality. Its patented BionicCore technology allows for more air to be cleaned with less noise and less energy in a slimmer, smaller form factor than traditional air purifiers.

Healthier Air

A person takes 22,000 breaths every day.  And some individuals experience hayfever, asthma, or have weakened immune systems. Removing airborne contaminants and viruses with Atem X offers the ultimate in air quality both for the home and the office.

The Atem X is successful at removing a number of viruses and bacteria. It independently tested a removal rate of 99.99% for viruses such as the human coronavirus (HCoV-229E), responsible for the common cold, the influenza A virus (H1N1), responsible for the seasonal flu, and the enterovirus 71 (EV71), responsible for hand, foot and mouth disease. The Atem X is also highly effective in the removal of bacteria, allergens and mold spores. It tested to show to remove 99.94% of E. coli and 99.92% of white staphylococcus. The fungus Aspergillus niger was removed at a rate of 99.94%. These are all viruses and bacteria which could put your family at risk or your business productivity at a standstill. It’s always best to be proactive - prevention always better than the cure!

Ultra-quiet operation

One of the quietest, compact high-performance air purifiers on the market. With 8 fan speeds, Atem X is suitable for small and large rooms alike. For large spaces, Atem X cleans up to 154 m2 in only 30 minutes on top fan speed. For smaller spaces, Atem X can be run on lower fan speeds. In bedrooms and individual offices up to 30 m2, two air cleaning cycles per hour are achieved at whisper quiet operation of only 32 dB(A).

Automatic, smart sensor-based operation, air quality indicator and scheduled Wi-Fi off

Integrated air quality sensors constantly monitor fine dust particles (PM2.5), CO2, temperature and humidity. Air quality sensors monitor room air quality throughout the day, adjusting fan speed and purification to the necessary level, saving energy when air cleaning is not needed. The AQGlow air quality indicator projects a soft glow behind the air purifier to indicate current air quality, based on measurements from internal air quality sensors. Wi-Fi is great during the day, but many customers prefer to turn Wi-Fi off at night. Atem X allows users to set a time window in which they want to disable all radio frequency activity and a time when Wi-Fi connection should automatically resume.

Exceptional energy efficiency

Atem X uses ultra-energy efficient fan, filter and advanced control technology to clean more air with less energy. Energy-star qualified. Atem X automatically adapts to its surroundings by adjusting fan speed based on the room's air quality. That means Atem X is energy efficient without compromising effectiveness. When operating at Level 3 or 200m3/h, 24 hours a day, it only consumes 0.3 kWh of electricity a day.

Smart filters for up to 3 years filter life

Smart filters with RFID technology track exactly how much air pollution they have captured. The air filter indicator tells you when the filters need to be replaced. Smart filters provide up to 36 months of filter life and track the actual amount of air pollution filtered.

Advanced app control

Compatible with the world’s most popular air quality app, AirVisual. View and control of all device parameters, such as fan speed, smart modes, timer, filter life, real-time and historic air quality measurements. Schedule the unit to purify the air based on day, time and desired mode for maximum filter life and reduced energy consumption.

Swiss Design - Made in Germany

Created by IQAir’s in-house designers and engineers. Made in IQAir’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Southern Germany with obsessive attention to detail.


  • LARGE ROOM COVERAGE: >150m2 capacity. Cleans spaces up to 154 m2  in 30 minutes. Highly effective against airborne allergens, viruses, bacteria, mould spores, smoke, smog, pollen, pet dander, PM2.5, ultra-fine particles and particle-bound odours.
  • QUIET, SPACE SAVING DESIGN: One of the quietest, high-performance air purifiers on the market. Slim, minimalist design with a depth of only 25 cm (10 inches) integrates beautifully into any space. Made at IQAir’s state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. Dimensions (including stand): H 688 x D 254 mm
  • BEST-IN-CLASS PERFORMANCE: Individually tested and certified for ultra-fine particle removal. Independently tested to remove over 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Meets US EPA standard for Energy Star certification
  • ADVANCED SENSOR OPERATION: Integrated air quality sensors measure PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity for real-time and historical display in app. Smart mode automatically adjusts fan speed based on measured air quality. Air quality is also elegantly projected behind the air purifier. Smart filters with RFID chips track captured air pollutants and monitor filter life. Typical filter life is 12-24 months.
  • APP CONTROL: Compatible with the world’s most popular air quality app (AirVisualPro). View and control of all device parameters (fan speed, smart modes, timer, filter life, real-time and historic air quality measurements). Schedule the unit to purify the air based on day, time and desired mode for maximum filter life and reduced energy cost. 

Authoritative third-party testing proves removal rates of:

  • 98.3%, E. coli
  • 99.99%, Aspergillus (common mould)
  • 99.99%, COVID coronavirus 229E
  • 99.99%, Enterovirus 71
  • 99.99%, Pollen allergen
  • > 98.28% Dust mite allergy


ATEM X can be made even more efficient and attractive by easily mounting it  a convenient wall space.

An affordable kit and clear instructions are provided.

The unit can be mounted absolutely flush with the wall or so that it sits in relief.

$415 incl gst (not shipping or installation.)

DUCTING OPTIONS - a fresh approach

The Fresh Air Ducting Adaptor fitted to the air intake of the Atem X (replacing one of the three Air Intake Grilles) allows the user to draw air from outdoors into the room. The air released by the Atem X into the room consists to 1/3 of filtered (oxygen-rich) outdoor air and 2/3 of filtered (recirculated) room air.
The air can also be drawn in from a well-ventilated adjacent room, such as a corridor to ventilate the room and minimise the effect of high/low outdoor temperatures. $695 incl gst (not delivery or installation.)


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