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Hotels now have the ability to truly enhance the experience of their guests who suffer from allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities or just want air purification in their hotel room.

In most hotels a low but constant flow of chemicals, gases and particle contamination continually flows into guest rooms from the corridors in hotel. This is due to the negative pressurisation created by exhaust fans from bathrooms and toilets venting outside and pulling air into the room from under the door.

By offering pure air environments the discerning hotelier attracts and deepens the relationship with their guests, by recognising and addressing their comfort and health needs.

A clean air zone can be established room by room or, as a premium sales offering, by specialised floor as a means of guaranteeing guests that their rooms will not be invaded by external odours such as tobacco smoke.

Executive lounges, Foyers, Ballrooms, Office suites are all areas that should be considered for air purification.

And for rooms where smoking, cooking or other unpleasant smells can linger after check out, our HE 144ss Ozone Generator can blast the rooms with high density ozone which will completely deodorise the entire room.

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