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HE-141SS 7g Ozone Generator $485

Ozone (O3) is a reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms. It is both a natural and a man-made product occurring in the Earth’s upper and lower atmosphere.  Ozone gas produces strong oxidation in an instant, and it is used for sterilization, disinfection and detoxification. It has strong killing power against bacteria, germs, fungi, mould spores, viruses, etc. It can effectively remove various bacteria, viruses, odours and toxic gases including formaldehyde, which are released by many new household products.

In other words, ozone gas can oxidize formaldehyde under standard conditions. An ozone generator produces ozone that attacks the source of odour causing gases through a process called oxidation and permanently removes that odour. This is very different from a negative ion generator, or ionizer, whose primary purpose is to reduce particles like dust and pollen floating around in air spaces.

  • Compliant with Australian Safety Standards under Certificate of Suitability GMA501631.
  • Deodorisation: eliminates mould, tobacco smoke, toxins and contaminants
  • Air purification and sterilisation - oxidizes, disintegrates and neutralizes assorted gases and substances
  • Sterilisation: retards and kills assorted bacteria and viruses such as mould, cold virus and tubercle bacillus.
  • Oxygenates: increases oxygen levels


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Product Description

Overall Functions

  • Deodorisation: Ozone reacts with odour-causing particles, chemically changing emissions. Eliminates mould, tobacco smoke, toxins and contaminants
  • Rapidly decomposes polluting gases: quickly remove harmful gases from such compounds as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, hydrogen, chlorine, etc.
  • Sterilisation: retards and kills assorted bacteria and viruses such as mould, cold virus and tubercle bacillus.
  • Oxygenates: increases oxygen levels for healthier indoor air

Ozone - specific applications

  • Remove or control Household Odours
  • Room odours in Hotels, Motels, Restaurants
  • Tobacco Smoke elimination
  • Pet & Animal odours
  • Mould de-contamination, control, removal
  • Fire & Flood restoration
  • Building Cleaning Services
  • Vehicle restoration
  • Boat/Ship/Cruise Line Odours problems
  • Dust mites, Insects and Vermin Control
  • Indoor Air Pollution
  • Air Con Duct Sterilisation
  • Hydroponics or Greenhouse use
  • Food Packaging or Transport
  • Vegetable preservation, storage and transport
  • Paint Fumes
  • Aircraft Odour and Fungi Control
  • Sewerage Plants Odours
  • Funeral Parlours and Mortuaries
  • Bowling Alley Odour Control
  • Washroom Sanitising and Deodorising
  • This unit is compliant with Australian Safety Standards under Certificate of Suitability GMA501631.



This commercial air purifier is an advanced and convenient contaminant remediation product.

  • High-powered oxidation in a compact, light weight, easily portable and simple to use.
  • Utilizing controlled corona discharge ozone technology developed specifically to reduce odours and smoke in unoccupied spaces,
  • Powerful, low noise level, portable, light and easy maintenance
  • Ozone output can be adjusted from 3500 mg to 7000 mg per hour
  • High quality SS304 cabinet and stainless handle
  • High quality electronic parts, UL listed fan
  • Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate
  • Stainless steel Pre-filter on the back of unit to remove large particle
  • Ideal for treatment for hotels, motels, homes, office, automobiles & boats and lots more.


Because ozone at high levels can be an irritant, people & pets must not be present whilst the unit is in operation.


Specs & Downloads

HE-141ss 7g Ozone Generator - for brochure/manual, click here


  1. 2 x ceramic ozone plates
  2. 2 x ceramic plates replacements*
  3. Final carbon filter
  4. Lifespan 6,000 hours + 6,000 hours with replacement ceramic plates.*
  5. Produces 7 grams ozone per hour
  6. Air volume 3m3 per minute
  7. Area coverage >550 m2
  8. Continuous operation or up to 2 hours with timer option
  9. Power 100W p h (240V)
  10. Size mm: 210W x 180H x 260D
  11. Weight 3kgs
  12. Stainless steel casing
  13. Compliant with Australian Safety Standards under Certificate of Suitability GMA501631.
  14. Also CE (EMC, LVD, EMF)approved & compliant

*Please note: Installation of 2 x spare ceramic plates not covered by warranty. Refer Owner's Manual


The ozone generator commercial air purifier comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

 This device is warranted to be free from all defects in material in normal use for a period of 1 year from date of purchasing. The warranty is granted only to the original purchaser. This warranty provides for the repair or replacement (at retailers discretion) of the unit. Return of the unit at customer's expense. Return to customer at retailer expense if a warranty situation.

 This warranty does not cover replacement or installation of wearable parts under normal use such as the ozone plates or fuses.

 Any damages or malfunctions caused by negligence, abuse, or use not in accordance with the owner’s manual are not covered by this warranty. Likewise, any defects or damages caused by unauthorized service.

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