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IQAir Dental Media Air Purifiers


1. IQAir Dental Pro Model $3,100 – coverage >100m2 area

The Dental Pro unit is the more general use solution for dentists wishing to control both general clinic environments with added mercury vapour capture.

2. IQAIR Special Media HEALTHPRO 250 MODEL $2,350: – coverage >100m2 area

The Healthpro 250 offers particle filtration as low as .003 microns - capable of capturing the Corona Virus (Covid) as well as special adsorbent media to capture mercury vapours and aerosols.

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Product Description

For the Dental Hg System, go here.

For floor standing units - or ambient air purification, there are two choices as follows:

Dental Pro1. IQAir Dental Pro $3,100 – The Dental Pro unit is the more general use solution for dentists wishing to control both general clinic environments with added mercury vapour capture.

To achieve this, the Dental Pro incorporates 5 kgs of adsorbent media in 4 cartridges -

• 2 cartridges with multigas media to control VOCs and chemical odours

• 2 cartridges to control mercury vapour specifically.

This makes the IQAir DentalPro a broad spectrum dental air purifier system to capture the widest range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mercury vapour, gases and chemical odours found in a dental environment.

The IQAir Dental Pro aids dental clinics in combating these airborne viruses (including viral hepatitis), bacteria and odours that are quickly and easily spread through the waiting rooms and surgeries from daily procedures such as drilling and oral examinations.

HP250 and casters2. IQAIR Special Media HEALTHPRO 250 MODEL:

Another option to create a chemical and safe air environment within the dental surgery or waiting room is to use the IQAir Healthpro 250 but with a special V5 Hg Cell inserted to ensure no mercury/amalgam vapours are present*.

Protecting your patients and staff has never been more vital as latest information reveals that airborne virus transmissions can be a major cause of infection and that miniscule droplets can stay airborne for up to 3 hours. All IQAir HealthPro 250 models feature IQAir’s unique HyperHEPA® technology - this hospital-grade filter media effectively removes even the tiniest pollution particles, viruses and microorganisms (tested .003 micron efficiency) with an absolute minimum efficiency of 99.9%.  Naturally antibacterial. they do not support microbial growth and once removed, particles are safely trapped permanently within the filters.

Healthpro 250 covers an area of 85 - 100 m2 and is an ecomical investment in presenting a bacteria and chemical free airspace within your practice.

*Its V5 Cell Hg: features 2.7 kgs of specially impregnated activated carbon for mercury/amalgam vapours.


Proven Effectiveness

The effectiveness of IQAir Dental systems has been verified in a study published in the British Dental Journal (link). The study concluded that the IQAir Dental air cleaning system with FlexVac can significantly reduce the bioaerosol load during dental procedures.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) also recommends the IQAir Dental Hg with FlexVac as “an important adjunct for those professionals concerned with optimal protection for the patient, doctor and staff while removing mercury amalgam fillings”. Here is a link to the relevant approval document of the IAOMT.

Individually Tested and Certified

All IQAir Dental models are individually tested at the factory to ensure that each system actually achieves a minimum filtration efficiency of 99% for airborne particulates ≥ 0.3 µm.

  • Helps to protect dentists, dental staff and patients from airborne infections
  • Wide coverage area > 100m2
  • Filters toxic mercury vapour
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Helps to implement infection control measures by controlling airborne bacteria, viruses and drill aerosols
  • Reduces exposure to disinfectant compounds
  • Controls airborne allergens

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