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Private Rooms/Apartments:  For areas of up to 25 sq mts, the Blueair 203 fitted with the optional carbon filter (Smokestop) is an ideal way of removing both particle and odours from the air. 

Communal Areas: Where air freshness is desirable without the need to open doors/windows, the IQAir Healthpro 250 paired up with the Vortex 2500 Negative Ioniser will transform the air quality in these open space areas - >100 sq. metres. The IQAir Healthpro 250 removes particles, bacteria and viruses along with odours and chemicals whilst the Vortex charges the air making it crisp and fresh. 

Wetrooms: Where soiled bedlinen, towels, blankets and other material are stored before laundry may cause the formation of bacteria which cause unpleasant odours. The wall mounted Germitrol destroys all bacteria and prevents the formation of odours. Very economical to buy and only cents to run 24/7.

Persistent Room Odours: Where odours may linger even after the room has been vacated, blasting it with ozone usually restores the room to its original, clean smelling state. Ozone is extremely chemically active, having very strong oxidizing and neutralizing ability and three thousand times more powerful in killing bacteria than chlorine. Our portable HE-144ss Ozone generator will deliver high density ozone, even for a short period, to remove virtually all types of odours. 

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