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Air monitoring in nail salons has detected formaldehyde, acrylic dusts and vapours, dibutyl phthalate, ethanol, acetone and toluene. Liquids and chemicals, such as ethyl methacrylate monomer solutions, cleaning solvents, and primers, will evaporate and give off vapours - harmful fumes if inhaled in sufficient quantities. Likewise, protection is needed against inhaling dust that is created when filing acrylic nails. Nail Salons have a real need to implement air cleaning solution for customers, staff and often building/centre managements.

We help devise and implement air purifying solutions for Nail Salons that are appropriate to their size (sqm) and amount of activity.


GC Multigas with cartridgesThis uses not only activated carbon like other air cleaners, but four cartridges (5.5kg) of carbon/Chemisorber - a blend of activated carbon and ChemiSorber and a unique scientific formulated media designed to adsorb the widest possible chemical spectrum, including all the chemicals mentioned above. No other air cleaner offers this filtration capacity. The Multigas will also remove the fine dust particles via its pre-filter and particle capture sleeves. Coverage area +100 sq mts.


Blueair 650E model

2. BLUEAIR 650E with chemicals filters

The Blueair 650E is suited to large salon areas with one of the largest clean air delivery rates of 830m3/h. It is also a very attractive unit for its size that fits well into stylish, well designed salon environments. Its electronic particle and gas sensors automatically detect dust or chemicals and immediately increases fan speed to clean the air.

Removing dust particles 0.1 micron in size and larger, the Blueair 650E is whisper quieter even while turning over high air volumes.


3. BLUEAIR 203 with chemicals filter

Blueair 203 modelIdeal for smaller or more localised sections within the salon such as nails treatments. Its combination particle/carbon filter removes nails dust as well as offending chemical odours and fumes. Removing dust particles 0.1 micron in size and larger, the Blueair 203 is whisper quieter even while turning over high air volumes.


We can guarantee that our air purifiers provide the highest levels of particle, gas and odour filtration.

Please contact the Aircleaners Australia on 1300 301 951 to discuss appropriate solutions to reduce the nail dust and chemical odours from the nail polishes in your salon

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