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IQair GC with cartridges sleevesThe IQAir Dental series air purifiers have been developed to enable dentists to specifically deal with the gases, odours, bacterias’ and viruses they come into contact daily.

During normal day to day procedures dentists, dental hygienists, assistants and patients find themselves exposed to high levels of chemicals and airborne contaminants.

Exposure to even small levels of harmful and toxic chemicals can have serious and potentially result in long-term health complications.

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Mercury (Hg) and Disinfectants Regular exposure to mercury vapour from dental amalgam removal and placement and possible toxic effects from prolonged exposure to chemicals like Phenols and Aldehydes (formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde) from disinfectant use are serious consideration for any dental surgery. Airborne Microorganism contaminants Bacteria and viruses are easily spread through a dental practice, from standard procedures such as drilling and scaling. As ultra fine aerosols are generated from normal dental procedures, the resulting moisture droplets containing blood, saliva and filling particles that can be captured by the IQAir unit, stay airborne for many hours, presenting a high risk of infectious disease transmission. To arm the dental industry IQAir developed two options to combat the airborne issues they constantly face.

IQAir Dental Pro – Dental Pro Hgdental Pro MG

A broad spectrum dental air purifier system to capture the widest range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)   mercury vapour, gases and chemical odours found in a dental environment. Consists of 2 cartridges of Multigas, a broad spectrum media to capture the widest range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), gases and various chemical odours found in a dental environment.  Plus 2 cartridges of Hg filtration media specifically designed to deal only with mercury vapours. Total 5kgs.

IQAir Dental HG – Dental Pro Hg

Is specifically designed to deal with mercury vapour generated from drilling and placement of dental amalgams. Consists of 4 cartridges (5kgs) of Hg filtration media specifically designed to deal only with mercury vapours generated from drilling and placement of dental amalgams. 

IQAir Dental Series Accessory For source capture of mercury vapour the unit can be supplied with a flexible hosed vaccum system that can be placed on a patients chest for maximum effect. Known as the FlexVac accessory, it comes as either a wall mounted or floor kit accessory. 

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Medical Medical grade air filtration is often misleadingly quoted at being at the standard HEPA 0.3 microns, when in fact the HEPA standard is today barely sufficient as an air filtration standard. The fact is that the majority of harmful airborne pollutants such as bacteria and virus are 0.1 microns and even smaller, meaning a so called "medical-grade HEPA filter" can never capture these dangerous pollutants. True medical grade air purifier solutions capture the ultrafine particles in the air down to 0.003 microns. That is up to 100x more filtration than a standard 0.3 microns HEPA system. IQAir’s medical grade units are proven and tested to remove particles as small as .003 microns. They are thus used in a wide range of medical facilities to control airborne microbe and other particle contaminants. Amongst these is the Monash Hospital Melbourne who chose only IQAir systems in their lung wards to control cross infection.  Please contact us to discuss your medical air filtration needs and we will provide no obligation solutions.

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