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IQAir Dental Series

Price: $3,100.00

During normal day to day procedures dentists, dental hygienists, assistants and patients find themselves exposed to high levels of chemicals and airborne contaminants such as mercury amalgam, aerosols, bacteria and toxic compounds. Typically there are two distinct air quality issues arising in dental environments:

 1) exposure to chemical pollutants, such as mercury vapours during placement and removal of amalgam fillings

2) exposure to infectious microorganisms which are generated and aerosolised during routine dental procedures

 While the IQAir Dental Pro model is predominantly used to clean the ambient air inside dental clinics by recirculating room air through its high-efficiency particulate and gas/chemical filters, the IQAir Dental Hg model is typically used in combination with the FlexVac mobile source capture kit for the removal of dental amalgam vapours and infectious aerosols during the actual oral dental procedure.

The IQAir Dental series air purifiers have been developed to enable dentists to specifically deal with the gases, odours, bacterias’ and viruses they come into contact daily. Exposure to even small levels of harmful and toxic chemicals can have serious and potentially result in long-term health complications.

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Product Description

Exposure to Aerosolised Coronavirus in Dental Practices

IQAir is acutely aware that dentist are one particular profession that is greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, because dental staff are exposed to an elevated risk of infection due to the potential of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 becoming aerosolised during normal dental procedures. 

 That the dental profession is exposed to an increased risk is supported by a research study published on March 17, 2020 in The New England Journal of Medicine N Engl J Med. 2020 Mar 17. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc2004973 (link). The research indicates that the novel coronavirus can remain viable in aerosolised form for up to 3 hours. The scientists also found that virus remained viable on surfaces for up to 72 hours. The results indicate that aerosol and fomite transmission of the coronavirus is plausible, since it can remain viable and infectious in aerosols for hours and on surfaces up to days.

 As various dental procedures can generate substantial amounts of aerosols that may contain infectious microorganisms, it is advisable to capture these aerosols as close to the source as possible to curb the proliferation and effectively reduce the microbial load in the ambient air.

IQAir Systems for Dental Surgeries 

With the IQAir Dental Series of high-efficiency air cleaning systems, IQAir has offered solutions for the effective source capture of microorganisms and chemical substances for over 20 years. The IQAir Dental Series features two distinct models for the filtration of chemical pollutants and microbiological aerosols found in dental environments – the Dental Pro and Dental Hg (see attached brochures). 

Mercury (Hg) and Disinfectants

Regular exposure to mercury vapour from dental amalgam removal and placement and possible toxic effects from prolonged exposure to chemicals like Phenols and Aldehydes (formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde) from disinfectant use are serious consideration for any dental surgery.

Airborne Microorganism contaminants

Bacteria and viruses are easily spread through a dental practice, from standard procedures such as drilling and scaling. As ultra fine aerosols are generated from normal dental procedures, the resulting moisture droplets containing blood, saliva and filling particles that can be captured by the IQAir unit, stay airborne for many hours, presenting a high risk of infectious disease transmission.

To arm the dental industry IQAir developed two options to combat the airborne issues they constantly face:

1. IQAir Dental Pro – The Dental Pro unit is the more general use solution for dentists wishing to control both general clinic environments with some mercury vapour capture. To achieve this, the Dental Pro incorporates -

  • 2 cartridges with multigas media to control VOCs and chemical odoursIQAir DentalPro badgeIQAir Dental Hg Badge
  • 2 cartridges to control mercury vapour specifically.

The DentalPro is a broad spectrum dental air purifier system to capture the widest range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mercury vapour, gases and chemical odours found in a dental environment. The IQAir Dental Pro aids dental clinics in combating these airborne viruses (including viral hepatitis), bacteria and odours that are quickly and easily spread through the offices from normal procedures such as drilling and oral examinations.

2. IQAir Dental HG – Is specifically designed to deal with mercury vapour generated from drilling and placement of dental amalgams. Hg Label

This unit has four cartridges of Hg media specifically to control mercury vapour only.

IQAir Dental Series Accessories

THE FLEXVAC ACCESSORY: To capture mercury vapours at the operating site the air purifier unit can be coupled with a flexible hosed vaccum system. The suction hose is placed on the patients chest for maximum effect, with a suction force of 20km/h ensuring total capture without leakage. The FlexiVac turns the Dental Pro into a direct extraction unit.

The FlexVac is available either as a wall mounted VM FlexVac. or a floor kit mobile FlexVac 

mobile flexvac

Flexvac wall

IQAIR HEALTHPRO 250 MODEL: Another option to create a chemical and safe air environment within the dental surgery or waiting room is to use the IQAir Healthpro 250 but with a special V5 Cell inserted to ensure no mercury/amalgam vapours are present. The Healthpro 250 covers an area of 85 - 100 m2 and is an ecomical investment in presenting a bacteria and chemical free airspace within your practice. V5 Cell Hg: 100% specially impregnated activated carbon. For mercury/amalgam vapours.

HP250 with Hg V5 Cell


Product Features

Proven Effectiveness

The effectiveness of IQAir Dental systems has been verified in a study published in the British Dental Journal (link). The study concluded that the IQAir Dental air cleaning system with FlexVac can significantly reduce the bioaerosol load during dental procedures.

 The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) also recommends the IQAir Dental Hg with FlexVac as “an important adjunct for those professionals concerned with optimal protection for the patient, doctor and staff while removing mercury amalgam fillings”. Here is a link to the relevant approval document of the IAOMT. 

 Individually Tested and Certified

All IQAir Dental models are individually tested at the factory to ensure that each system actually achieves a minimum filtration efficiency of 99% for airborne particulates ≥ 0.3 µm.

•  Helps to protect dentists, dental staff and patients from airborne infections
•  Filters toxic mercury vapour
•  Removes unpleasant odours
•  Helps to implement infection control measures by controlling airborne bacteria, viruses and drill aerosols
•  Reduces exposure to disinfectant compounds
•  Controls airborne allergens

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