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Schools and Universities

With a growing number of people finding themselves allergic to airborne pollutants, it is of critical importance that study/common areas are as contaminant free as possible. Cross infection of common illnesses via airborne transmitted bacteria and viruses is of acute concern. Areas include:

  • classrooms
  • lecture theatres
  • tutorial rooms
  • computer rooms
  • food/café areas
  • laboratories
  • first aid stations
  • congregational areas 
  • locker rooms
  • toilets

Aircleaners Australia are leaders in air cleaning systems and techniques, able to provide comprehensive solutions to provide safe, uncontaminated quality air to schools and universities.

Some of our clients are:

  • Victoria University
  • University of W.A.
  • Overnewton Anglical School
  • RMIT
  • Norwood Secondary College
  • West Coast TAFE

Usually, a system will comprise a number of different models/devices, depending on the requirement. But whatever the need, we have a solution because of our wide range of models – from ducted systems to floor standing units through to air sterilisation for toilets.

Wherever possible, we will come on-site to evaluate the requirements, then submit a written recommendation and quote.

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