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Living / Dining

Living areas often combine lounge, dining, family and kitchen areas - so you need an air purifier with sufficient strength and coverage to be effective over a large space. At Aircleaners Australia, all our living area units have a capacity of 65 - 100 square metres. And they remove particles as fine as at least from 0.1 micron through to 0.003 micron - that's 100 better than a standard HEPA air cleaner. It is important to understand that 0.3 HEPA standard used by the majority of air purifier manufacturers represents the very lowest standard for an air purifier.

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Why choose a standard air cleaner that does not eliminate the ultra fine particles - those that we ingest into our lungs and are therefore the most harmful to our health?

Common questions are:

  • I need an air purifier as a preventative measure, because the air where we live is heavily polluted?
  • I suffer from asthma, allergies sinusitis, bronchitis, will an air purifier help me?
  • I have Multi Chemical Sensitivities, is there an air purifier that is suited to me?
  • Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are making my asthma worse?
  • Our family suffers from asthma and allergies can I filter the air passing through my air-conditioning (HVAC) system?
  • I’m allergic to a pet, will an air cleaner reduce the high allergen levels from dander in the house?
  • I live with a smoker, how can I get rid of the odours and chemicals?

The good news is we can provide you the correct air purifier for nearly every possible airborne pollutant, whether a particulate pollutant or a molecular gas or odour that is causing you harm. Reputable air purifying units provide the two levels of air purification:

  • Capture Particulates in the air such as mould spores, dust, dust mites, pollens, dander and allergens
  • Remove Gases, Chemicals & Odours – such as:
      • cleaning supplies (voc's) house paints (solvents)
      • offgassing of new carpets gas stoves (aldehydes)
      • pesticides and wood preservatives
      • vehicle exhaust fumes new building materials and furnishings (formaldehydes)
      • toxic chemicals used in art,photography, printing,etc.
      • formaldehyde in new clothes,books,and other products
      • inks,copying machines,and laser printer toner
      • second-hand tobacco smoke
      • chemicals of all sorts

Depending on which of the above are a problem, different media or combinations of air cleaning media are often required. The different media are carbon and permanganate of the highest quality.

We can advise which of these, or combinations of these will be the most successful in resolving removing the contaminants. Call us on 1300 301 951 and we will be happy to offer no obligation advice from our wide range of options and models.

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