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New House

Many of us do not realise that our new home or refurbished household, has potentially many more chemicals, odours and ultra-fine particles present that are seriously detrimental to our health than the old residence we just moved out of.

Air pollution in a new home can come from a variety of sources, fresh layers of paint, cleaning chemicals, ultra-fine particulates from building materials, formaldehyde off-gassing from new carpets and new furniture, to name a few.


The simple act of painting a room or a whole house can see levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) soar to 1,000 times outdoor levels and that continue to off-gas for a significantly long time even after the paint has dried.

Excessive VOC exposure can lead to damaging internal organs (liver, kidneys) and the nervous system regardless of whether someone is susceptible to respiratory conditions or not.

An air purifier solution, for a room or whole of house, will help to remove the gas, odour and airborne particulate triggers that can badly affect children and adults health.

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