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Data Centres

Data centres and server rooms need to provide a clean and stable environment for their servers. To maintain optimal performance extremely high levels of air quality are required 24 hours a day.

Data centres need to provide a consistently balanced air quality environment that allows for enough moisture to avoid static charges accumulating, but not enough moisture to allow for condensation and potential short-circuiting.

The other significant consideration is addressing particulate and gaseous contamination in a data centre or server room. Airborne pollutants and gaseous emissions can contribute to potential equipment failure when servers are exposed for extended time periods of time.

IQAir's Healthpro series and the GC Multigas provide the widest spectrum of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and chemical gas capture, which makes them ideal in protecting high-value controlled environments.

The Vortex 2500 Negative Ioniser will negate any build up of static electricity (positive ions) and re-balance the indoor air, making it clean, fresh and crisp.

With our ability to provide cleanroom standards, data centres can cost effectively and consistently protect the air quality levels in their facilities and server rooms, which is a selling tool to prospective and existing clients demonstrating best practices in industry standards.

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