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IQAir Air Purifiers

Genuine protection against viruses and bacteria - click here

Corona virus (COVID 19) particles have now been tested at between .008 and .12 microns. The IQAir Healthpro 250 has proven, independent testing for a cleaning efficiency of .003 microns. This makes it the safest and most virus effective air purifier you can buy in Australia.

And importantly, due to their hydrophobic properties, IQAir’s particle filters are naturally antibacterial and thus do not support microbial growth. Their hospital-grade filter media effectively removes even the tiniest pollution particles and microorganisms (independently tested .003 micron efficiency) with an absolute minimum efficiency of 99.5%. Once removed, the particles are safely trapped permanently within the filters. That's why you don't need an ozone producing UV light in your air purifier - bacteria and viruses are trapped and eradicated within the hyperhepa filter. More details click here . Filter performance click here.

BUSINESSES NOTE: 100% gov't instant asset write-off deduction reduces real costs by around 1/3rd.

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Wondering why IQAir units are offered without "air quality sensors"? Click here for IQAir's position.

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